Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

03-30-2020 to 04-05-2020
As a Scorpio, having a home that feels like a haven has always been a must—even before “shelter in place” became a concept the world was grappling with. But like most people on the planet, you may have suddenly had to add some new functionality to your space: office, one-room schoolhouse, self-care meditation cave. This Monday, March 30, your co-ruler Mars will buzz into Aquarius, activating your domestic zone until May 12. The red planet hasn’t visited this sector for two years, so don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly keyed up to make some big changes around Chateau Scorpio. Action planet Mars can crank up activity and excitement—or drama and tension. Channel this dynamic energy into something productive by targeting a few projects you’ve been waiting to dive into, like tiling a kitchen backsplash or reorganizing your closets. If you share space, things could get extra tense now—possibly with a female relative. Since Mars energy can be bratty and “my way or the highway,” make sure that you aren’t being a household tyrant, Scorpio. It might take some added creativity to figure out how to get your all-important privacy now. If you’re feeling stressed about bills, you might have to dial back on some services or share your space temporarily with someone in your family.

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Monitor people’s reactions carefully on Tuesday when combative Mars bangs into insular Saturn. You might not be "planning" to blow up on a relative or roomie who's pushed your envelope one stamp too far…yet resentment and anger might erupt under this combustible conjunction. While Mars is pushing you to do something, restrained Saturn won't let you totally lose it. The first thing to look at is what's underlying your feelings. What's "under" the fury, and why is it hard for you to let someone know what's really in your heart? Are you afraid you'll lose their love or that they'll think less of you for expressing genuine emotions? Anger is a normal human reaction, but when you try to stuff it down, it can turn into something less manageable. Do some slow, controlled breathing and focus on restoring the peace. Then approach the instigator and ask them when a good time might be to chat. (Like, now?) Don’t unleash a diatribe. Instead, address the tension directly then ask them for their suggestions on how you can turn things around and get back on solid—and affectionate—footing.
Starting Friday, April 3, there’s one “person” you’ll be happy to invite into your space—and that might just be The Muse. With creatrix Venus slinking into your eighth house of alchemy and seduction (AKA The Scorpio House), you’ll be in your artistic element. This phase wages on until August 7, thanks to an upcoming retrograde from May 13 to June 25. Your intuition is turned up now, so listen! You've always had a gift for finding a diamond in the rough, Scorpio, and you could mine a hidden gem over the next four months—for romance, business or a creative collaboration. If your mojo's been in slow-mo, rev it up with some physical movement. Walk through nature if possible, dance in your living room, become a yoga devotee at the Zoom “ashram.” Existing relationships could deepen beautifully by August 7, but first, you might need to pry open the chamber of secrets and get vulnerable. Diplomatic Venus can help you broach touchy topics with grace. Just remember: Timing and discretion are everything. If a sexy connection got short-circuited in the past, it might spark up again once the retrograde kicks in on May 13. Before then, do your research. What’s the safest way to enjoy some sexy, “multiplayer gaming” by videochat while also honoring your strict privacy policy?
Keep your guard up on Saturday, April 4 though! Your ruler, secretive Pluto, makes its first of three meetups with uncouth Jupiter in Capricorn and your communicative third house. If you aren’t careful, confidential information could get exposed during this connection, which also takes place on June 30 and November 12. YOU might even be the one to blurt it out…or share in “confidence” with someone who hasn’t really earned their loyalty points. This is one of those days where it’s best to abide by the classic Scorpio policy of “trust no one.” Even the well-meaning folks in your life have loose lips. If you’re not ready to share with the world, silencio por favor!

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