Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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04-06-2020 to 04-12-2020

Even if you’ve been handling the stress and inconveniences of upside-down life well until now, you might “have a moment” this Tuesday, April 7. A disruptive square—a once-a-year phenomenon—between your co-ruler, agitating Mars, in your domestic quarters and maverick Uranus in your partnership zone could throw a hard-to-field curveball your way. Tempers will be short and frustrations will be many, but you still have the power to resist acting up. Before you lash out, step back (and if possible, away) and process what you’re feeling right in the moment. Is this something that can be changed or fixed, or are you projecting some inner anxiety or discomfort? If it’s the former, calm yourself down, stay focused on your strong connection, then find an appropriate way to broach the topic. But if you realize it’s just your emotions getting a little frothed up, pour your feelings out to your journal—or take a walk if you’re allowed to. And should someone dump on you, fight the urge to unleash an angry knee-jerk reaction and let them know you’re willing to discuss it or “hold space” if they want to talk about what’s really going on. If you’re just getting to know someone, you may have no choice but to keep things light and breezy. Don’t get frustrated! Consider this an invitation—if not a mandate—to enjoy the slow-building excitement of old-timey courtship rituals!

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Later on Tuesday, the year’s only Libra full moon will cast its spell in your twelfth house of introspection, healing and closure. This could send some very deep, even buried, feelings to the surface now, and with so much time on your own, you might finally process an old wound or grievance. Suddenly in light of the changing world, an ancient grudge might feel petty and like a waste of your energy. (Hint: It is!) It might be helpful to remember that forgiving doesn't require forgetting—just a willingness to move on. Anything you've been clinging to—whether a relationship, self-destructive behavior or limiting belief—is up for review. Over the coming two weeks (peak manifesting time for this lunar lift), give serious consideration to things that have held you back and how you might release them for once and for all. It doesn’t come naturally to a Scorpio to surrender your will to divine universal intelligence, but you may be forced to admit that hanging on to anger or resentment is a far worse option. Get some virtual coaching or therapy; come up with a plan and a timeline, then rip that emotional Band-aid!
This Friday, clarifying Mercury wings into take-charge Aries and your organized sixth house. From now until April 27, you won’t be able to ignore the clutter or chaos. These few weeks are the perfect time to kick off your official spring-cleaning season, and this year, it won’t be superficial! You’ve probably got the time—and knowing you, the obsessional motivation—to grab the rubber gloves and eco-friendly products and tackle Chez Scorpio from the baseboards up. This is also your zone of systems, service and health, so be sure to save some energy for those areas. Clean up your home-office space, offer your services to people in dire need, and indulge in some self-care, even if you’re limited to face masks and deep-conditioning for your hair. You can finally get around to all those things you never found time for before.

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