Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

08-19-2019 to 08-25-2019
Why choose plain old vanilla when you could have salted caramel, chocolate chip cookie dough or homemade pistachio? You’ll be eager to “taste the rainbow” this Wednesday, August 21, when decadent Venus swings into Virgo and your offbeat eleventh house. Expand your palette, Scorpio! As one of the zodiac’s four fixed signs you can be set in your ways. Now’s the time to wander beyond the familiar and see what else is out there. Is it vegan, sustainably sourced, ethically farmed and produced? All the better under earthy Virgo’s watch! Venus is the cosmic Cupid and beauty queen. While parked in Virgo until September 14, you could upgrade to healthier options, from your Tinder swipes to your makeup wipes. Unapologetic weirdness will be an aphrodisiac, but don’t judge a book by its cover. The normcore (looking!) ones could surprise you. More than anything, this Venus cycle brings out the “sapiosexual” in you. Intellect, wit and an ability to see the world through a kaleidoscopic lens are total turn-ons. Attached Scorpios should make a point of enjoying more avant-garde activities together. Pick up a pair of tickets to an experimental art show, check out a VR escape room, co-host a costume party.  Since the eleventh house is the tech sector, single Scorpios will be blessed with better-than-average luck on the dating apps. Stop dwelling on those bad coffee dates and log back into Bumble with “beginner’s mind.” 

On Friday, the Sun follows on the heels of Venus, shifting into Virgo and your eleventh house of collaborations until September 23. The view from the top is pretty awesome, but are you getting lonely up there? Start assembling your dream team, even if the best candidates won’t be available for a conference call until post-Labor Day. At your best, you’re an enlightened leader, Scorpio—one who puts your staff and associates on a par with yourself. But to do that, you need to align yourself with loyal people who make solid judgment calls AND whose sensibilities you admire and trust. Without that, you’ll never be able to cede creative control. But when you're working shoulder to shoulder with a group you enjoy, sharing the glory feels better than going it alone. The eleventh house also rules technology and humanitarian causes. Over these next four weeks, you can connect with organizations that are doing things that touch your heart, whether working with the environment, politics or women’s empowerment. If you need to polish up your online presence, dive in. A month from now, your website could be glowing with refreshed content while you inch closer to becoming Instagram-famous with your viral posts and memes.
On Saturday, cosmic co-pilots Venus and Mars pair up in Virgo and your open-minded, offbeat eleventh house—a rare conjunction that only comes around every two years. Forget about waiting for the invites to pop up on your feed. Grab the baton and play social organizer, bringing together friends who have drifted and scattered since summer began. The more is absolutely the merrier—and quite possibly the sexier. Let friends-of-friends tag along! An amiga’s plus-one could be your future boo or songwriting partner. If your social circle needs a refresh, tap the confident, convivial Mars-Venus duo and go mingle at new venues. Online connections bring a high “clickthrough rate” whether you’re sliding into bae’s DMs or PM-ing a hot business contact. Fortune favors the bold AND the beautiful, and you are both, Scorpio.

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