Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019
As the weekend kicks off, you may feel more like kicking back at Chateau Scorpio than painting the town red. So do that! Let your pals stay out partying till the wee hours. Starting on Friday, December 20, when sensual Venus descends into Aquarius and your domestic fourth house, you’ll be far more interested in the kind of action that happens behind closed doors than behind velvet ropes. From now until January 13, 2020, there's literally no such thing as "too close for comfort" with the right people in your life. Whether you’re getting to know someone a whole lot better or just snuggling under the fleecy throw with your longtime partner, this next month is perfect for going deep undercover. And when you’re not romancing, you’ll be motivated to spruce up your digs and maybe go all out on festive decorations this year. Slip on an apron and work some kitchen magic. From soups to holiday cookies, you may amaze yourself with your culinary prowess (or at least passion). Invite friends over to sample the fruits of your labors, perhaps with a multi-course meal (with wine pairings?). Or save yourself the effort and make it a potluck. Ask people to bring favorite board games or, in more intimate settings, do some group binge-watching.
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But it won’t be all hibernating all the time! On Saturday, the fun-loving Sun blazes into grounded Capricorn and your super-social third house for the next four weeks. Even as you’re magnetically pulled toward your own sofa, there’s another force acting on you—perhaps in the form of certain friends, neighbors or siblings—that’s pulling you to come out and play. From seasonal parties to industry events to local venues’ customer-appreciation days, make a point of getting out and interacting with people you don’t normally hang out with. Since the third house also governs neighborhood activity, a small investment of time and money spent patronizing nearby businesses could be a win-win for everyone. And if you happen to be single, a bonus perk might be meeting a sexy kindred spirit who lives just a few blocks away. (How convenient for sleepovers!) Treat everyone like a friend, drop any competitiveness and lean in to the spirit of cooperation. By staying open, you may meet exactly the kind of folks you’re hoping to team up with on a personal or professional passion project. Score!
But leave yourself plenty of breathing room on Sunday, when agreeable Venus in that home-focused zone locks into a rare (twice-a-year) skirmish with unpredictable Uranus in stubborn Taurus and your relationship house. If this person is the button-pushing type, you might struggle to keep your temper and strong reactions in check. If you catch yourself alternating from gracious and accepting one minute and feistily oppositional the next, accept that it’s your interpersonal dynamics (on top of a stormy-seas kind of day) and cut them and yourself more slack! Even with your beloved, messages could get scrambled. Want to keep things cool? Retreat to neutral corners!

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