Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

02-17-2020 to 02-23-2020
If Cupid's arrows misfired on Valentine’s Day, no need to start binge-eating a Whitman’s Sampler of heart-shaped chocolates from the drugstore clearance aisle. The winged love angel is just arriving fashionably late. Starting Tuesday, February 18 you get a whole MONTH of sweet, sweet lovin' as the Sun sweeps through Pisces and your passionate fifth house. What looked bleak last week could bring the promise of something more starting Tuesday—and with Mercury retrograde until March 9, you might even get a do-over with someone you kinda-sorta pushed away. Don't rush to hand out that final rose if you’re single, though. Enjoy the swelling tide of spring fever by sampling a few dating apps and letting your friends fix you up.

Of course, you ARE an intuitive Scorpio. When you know, you know. Should someone give you the tingles on every level, don't hold back. You'll play the passionate pursuer during this bold solar cycle. Already in a relationship? Put more effort into your twosome time and make actual plans. While Netflix and chills has its merits during hibernation season, strutting around like a creative power couple will be more of a turn-on between now and March 19. Take in local bands, get involved in community activism together (campaign fundraiser planning meeting at your love nest?) and escape the mad, mad world with a beach vacay after Mercury turns direct on March 9. The fifth house is the fame zone, so forget about fading into the background like a sexy international spy. Find your place on the world stage, whether you're performing, presenting, or premiering your docu-short at a friend’s loft. If you don’t feel comfortable buzzing on your own behalf, ask your well-connected friends to give you some love on Instagram; or, hire a PR firm if you're at that stage. As spring styles start showing up on the racks, remember that you don’t HAVE to reflexively reach for your signature noir numbers. This flamboyant cycle calls for a pop of color, statement sleeves and bold graphic prints!
On Friday, you'll want to feel connected, but not claustrophobic—a bit of a paradox for sure. Liberated Uranus in Taurus and your relationship house will dance with lusty Mars. Birds of a feather will flock together, but you can also fly free in these friendships. Make plans with people who are independent and understand your need to roll at your own pace. A little party hopping could be in the stars, but you won't have the patience to wait for your pals to drag themselves off the dance floor when you just want to go. Revive a plateauing romance with a round of cultural activity dates. Check out food fairs, music festivals, museum exhibitions and even a show that involves some audience participation. If you're single, a fellow arts appreciator could sweep you off your feet.
No matter how you candy-coat it, Scorpio, there’s no such thing as being halfway pregnant or telling half a truth or really doing anything good by half measure. Although the new moon in Pisces will make a romanticizer out of you on Sunday, hold yourself to the highest level of integrity. Even if you CAN get away with embellishing a story, those fibs have a way of coming back to haunt you, especially under a bare-knuckled mashup of candid Jupiter and harmonious Venus. If a certain relationship has been fraught with tension, use the energy of this diplomatic planetary pairing to bring things into the open and dissolve the strain. As long as you approach the other person with kindness and tact, you'll be able to restore the peace and bring back the loving feeling. But in order to mend fences, you may have to come clean about something you were hiding—even if your only crime was pretending to like something (when you were vehemently against it!) because you didn’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings.

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