Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

06-17-2019 to 06-23-2019
Shake your moneymaker! And get ready to have some of your financial dreams come true—sooner than you might think! The year’s only Sagittarius full moon sends a galvanizing jolt of energy through your second house of work, security and money on Monday, June 17, setting up a frequency that can last six months. If you’ve been waiting (and waiting!) for things to start moving, you might get some good news today, over the coming two weeks or next half-year. Because la luna is in an excitable fire sign, the message is that YOU need to take decisive action, not sit around thinking and brainstorming and crunching numbers. You have to take a bold next step, and you probably know what that involves. (Truth be told, some Scorpios have already known for a good, long time.) Now it’s “go!” time, with the fast-moving Sag moon lighting a fire under you. Do you need to meet and greet (and charm) potential clients, partners or decision makers? How about your online profiles, photos, resume and website? If they don’t ALL reflect the 2019 you, complete with recent accomplishments, make that your priority for the rest of the month. This empowering lunation can also help you get a better handle on your personal finances. There's no point pulling down a better-paying gig if you burn it as fast as you earn it. If you could use some help creating a real budget and savings plan to reach your goals, get some recommendations from friends. A professional financial adviser can make all the difference in the world!
While you’re upleveling your fiscal fitness, another worthwhile—and related—initiative is to evaluate the people and activities that populate your life and to which you devote a lot of energy. On Friday, perceptive Neptune turns retrograde in intuitive Pisces and your fifth house of fun, flirtation and creativity—i.e., some of your favorite things! Between then and November 27, do a long second take at how you spend your free time. Do your friends support and uplift you—or bring you down with their chronic tales of woe? Are you dating (or involved with) someone while you wait for your “real” Mr. or Ms. Right to drop into your life? With Neptune spinning in reverse, you can gain a lot of perspective on things without letting on what you’re doing. Ultimately, you want to end the year with more insight and more authenticity in all your key relationships, starting with yourself!
Later on Friday, the intrepid Sun blasts into Cancer and your global ninth house, dialing up your wanderlust and desire for adventure. If you can get away in the next four weeks, nail down your plans and then find people to cover for you at work and to feed the cat. Not possible? You can still have vicarious thrills by scouring travel blogs and putting in fare alerts for dream destinations. The ninth house also rules entrepreneurial ventures, publishing and higher education. Over the next month, you can stretch your horizons metaphorically by taking a life-changing workshop or finally writing a business plan for that sweet side hustle. You COULD put it off another year, but with this solar power surge, why not invest in YOU and take those steps to make this happen now?!

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