S1, e7

Cosmic Love

Proposals of Astronomical Proportions

The Elements have final dates with their remaining matches and one of the singles makes a shocking departure. Plus: The AstroTwins explain how to use the secret method of cosmic compatibility on Amazon X-Ray.

Caution: Spoilers ahead!

What happens in Cosmic Love, Episode 7?

Summary of Episode 7:

A Single departs (on their own, not through elimination!). All remaining couples learn why they were matched, what makes them compatible and what their marriage would look like. The Elements have final dates with their matches and contemplate who to say goodbye to. One Element gets engaged!

Which matches are left on Cosmic Love, Episode 7?

Each element begins Episode 7 with two matches, with the exception of Phoebe.

Phoebe has only one match left because Darren (Scorpio/Water) announces his departure after Theresa is eliminated, by Noel, at the end of Episode 6.

The remaining matches at the beginning of Episode 7

Connor with Danae (Leo/Fire) and Yana (Aquarius/Air)

“I am struggling because I will eventually have to make one choice,” Connor says. “Reality has kicked in and it’s kicked in pretty hard and will make the decision that much more emotional.”

Phoebe with Phillip (Capricorn/Earth)

“I came here fully believing that astrology would help me find my perfect match,” Phoebe says. “I just wonder: Are the stars pushing me towards Phil?”

Noel with Jazmin P. (Gemini/Air) and Morgan (Virgo/Earth)

“The more one-on-one time I get with Morgan, the more I’m drawn to her,” Noel says. “But I’m confused because Jazmin and I have a connection. I have two connections and they both feel right.”

Maria with Chris R. (Leo/Fire) and Chris E. (Pisces/Water)

The Astrology of Cosmic Love, Episode 7
The 7 secrets of compatibility

Astrotwins behind the scenes astrology of Cosmic Love on amazon prime

In episode 7 of Cosmic Love, The AstroTwins introduce the Elements to the astrological concept of synastry, which they call the “secret of distance.” Distance is how far apart your Sun or moon signs are, or any two planets, for example, and how that influences compatibility. This is also called synastry.

For compatibility using astrology, there are seven main distances, or “angles” that determine whether a match will be easy, flowing and smooth or one that has its challenges.

“Easy doesn’t mean better,” Ophi cautions. “Some people think, ‘Give me the easy match’ and bada-bing. But it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes you get bored. Whereas the harder ones can challenge you to discover new dimensions of yourself.”

On Cosmic Love, The AstroTwins purposefully chose both “easy” and “hard” matches for the Elements.

The 7 “angles” of astrology for relationships

Same Sign Compatibility (Conjunct): You’re in the same celestial squad. Like Darren and Theresa, both Scorpios, who couldn’t keep the hands off each other!

1 Sign Apart (Semisextile): This is like nextdoor neighbors who have different decorating styles. But you’re intrigued by each other.

2 Signs Apart (Sextile): Best friends with benefits. Easy flow, similar senses of humors and way of being in the world.

3 Signs Apart (Square): This is the power couple with dynamic tension. Love-hate relationships live here. It’s the couples you can’t stop watching. Phoebe and Darren are Square, as are Noel and Jazmin P. and Connor and Ana.

4 Signs Apart (Trine): This is the easiest angle. You share the same element in this angle, you’re both earth, fire, air, or water. There’s a way you understand each other and can be yourself. But it can be boring if you don’t create some dynamic tension!

5 Signs Apart (Quincunx): Your Sun signs have nothing in common. You’re aliens but carmicly connected. We purposefully made a few of these matches, like Maria and Chris R. and Phoebe and Caleb.

6 Signs Apart (Opposite): Opposites attract? But opposites also repel.

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Astrology traits the Cosmic Love couples reveal in Episode 7

In Episode 7, the Elements are summoned to the Astro Chamber, this time with their matches! Each couple learn why they were matched by The AstroTwins and what their marriage would look like.

Connor’s chart compatibility if he marries Danae or Yana

Connor (Gemini/Air) and Danae (Leo/Fire) learn they’re matched because their charts align perfectly in the areas of marital chemistry, romance and future family. But there are potential pitfalls: Connor’s Gemini spirit has him always on-the-go, which can cause him to neglect relationships. As a Leo, Danae’s fixed sign can make her set in her ways. Finding a happy medium is the key to a lasting relationship for Connor and Danae.

Connor and Yana (Aquarius/Air) are matched with each other because their charts specifically align in the areas of long-lasting passion, sexy chemistry and emotional comfort. Their marriage could prosper but Connor’s Gemini habits could cause him to struggle with decision-making and be distracted by his personal goals. Yana’s Aquarius nature to care about the community around her can cause her to be absent in her romantic relationship or rigid when including her lover. Despite these challenges, they can be a part of each other’s worlds in a happy marriage.

Phoebe’s chart compatibility if she marries Phil

Phoebe (Leo/Fire) and Phillip (Capricorn/Earth) are told their charts align perfectly in the areas of playful attraction, sensitivity and long-term growth. A strong Leo paired with a sensitive Capricorn could seem like opposites, but they both share qualities that the other craves. Barriers that must be torn down for a lasting relationship include combativeness and defensiveness.

Maria’s chart compatibility if she marries Chris R. or Chris E.

Maria (Capricorn/Earth) and Chris R. (Leo/Fire) learn their charts match perfectly in the areas of romantic attraction and emotional security. Chris R.’s Venus, moon and Jupiter, which rule love, emotional bonding, and faith, are aligned in the marriage part of Maria’s chart. And five of Maria’s six planet placements in Capricorn activate the marriage zone of Chris R.’s chart. Even as a great match for marriage, there are areas they’d have to work on. Maria’s Capricorn tendency to overthink could cause her to think Chris. R. doesn’t fully understand her heritage, for example. And Chris R.’s Leo tendency of sticking to old patterns might cause him to keep his guard up.

Maria and Chris. E. (Pisces/Water) are matched because their charts align perfectly in the areas of fantasy, passion and karmic connection. Four of Chris. E.’s planets are aligned in the part of Maria’s chart that controls fantasy and escape but his Pisces tendency to be whimsical means he may not be present in his real world relationship. Maria’s Capricorn tendency to over-analyze and put pressure on herself means Chris. E. might find himself having to soothe her. Their marriage could be full of dreamy romance, but it has the potential to tip into emotional overload. Everlasting love can be found if they find balance!

Noel’s chart compatibility if he marries Morgan or Jazmin

Noel (Pisces/Water) and Morgan (Virgo/Earth) are matched because their charts align in the areas of adventure, success and sexy compatibility. Pisces and Virgo are both soulful signs that crave a spiritual connection as well as a physical one. These are attributes that will help them feel safe and secure in a marriage. But they’ll be challenged to tap into the deep, emotional chemistry between them to make their pairing work. One way to do this is to honor themselves as individuals. Virgos need to feel security in relationships. Noel will need to quell his restless Pisces spirit!

Noel and Jazmin (Gemini/Air) are matched because they align in the areas of energetic passion, life purpose and passion. Even as great marriage material, there are aspects they would both have to work on. Noel’s Pisces tendency to lead with his heart instead of his head and to lack focus can block him from making a real connection. And Jazmin’s Gemini energy can lead her to be emotionally distant if her partner isn’t matching the love she is giving.

Who’s engaged on Cosmic Love?

Super spoilers: breakups and engagements!

Maria tells Chris E. it’s not in the stars for them. “You’re always there for me, but for us, I don’t know if we got to the point where we’re going to be together in the future,” she tells him.

Chris E. tearfully tells Maria, “I won’t lie. I did wish that when I left I would be leaving with who I would be spending the rest of my life with. I am always going to be forever grateful for you, and this process.”

Maria later tells Chris. R., “You have helped me discover what I’m here for and what I’m here to do and what I want my future to be like.” He reads Maria a poem he wrote then gets down on one knee and asks, “will you be my wife?” She enthusiastically replies, “yes!”

The experiment of Cosmic Love continues

Maria sums up Episode 7 best when she says, “I can’t believe this moment is actually here, it’s so surreal!”

Connor contemplates why making difficult decisions is so challenging for him. He says it will crush him to say goodbye to one of his matches.

Phoebe wonders if having one match left is making the process easier.

Noel weighs his connections to his two matches and says, “I couldn’t be more confused. The Astro Chamber described futures with both of these women and both of them sound amazing. It feels super impossible to make this decision.”

What’s coming up on Cosmic Love: Season 1, Episode 8?

Connor, Phoebe and Noel make final decisions about their matches, learn about their relationship astrology, and the couples move in together!