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Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Dynamic duo time: The Sun enters Sagittarius November 22

Twinning is winning! A fresh wave of relationship energy rolls in on November 22, when the Sun commences a monthlong visit to Sagittarius and your seventh house of companionship and commitments. If your bonds hit a few speed bumps last month, get busy making amends or inking some attractive deals! You might sign a partnership agreement in the next four weeks, cementing an official arrangement before the calendar turns. 
Trying to do everything alone? Now’s the time to reach out for some well-deserved support. With the Sun in your opposite sign of Sagittarius, it’s at its farthest point in the sky from the Gemini sector of the zodiac wheel. As a result, your own “solar power” may be a bit depleted until December 21. Tap into your sign’s kindred-spirit nature and lean on a person who can be a supportive sidekick for the next few weeks. 
On November 24, energizer Mars also moves into Sagittarius, staying for the rest of the year. This will speed up the pace of your partnerships. You may feel some pressure around officializing a relationship. But with boundary hound Saturn in Pisces forming a restrictive 90-degree square to the Sun and Mars this week, this is no time to leap into anything binding, at least, not before you make sure your long-term goals align. Enjoy the chemistry but don’t sweep aside core differences in your values or plans for the future.
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