Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Your March Gemini Money Horoscope

It’s career high season for you, Gemini, with the Sun in Pisces and your professional tenth house until March 19. Even better? The March 10 Pisces new moon will open a six-month window to blast straight toward your ambitions. And when the Sun and Neptune connect in Pisces on March 17, you’ll have the luck of St. Patrick’s Day when an opportunity could land in your lap miraculously. 
Have you been stressed out over money this year, dealing with a demanding project or a whopping expense? Get ready for relieving change. Until March 22, energizer Mars is in Aquarius, heating up your visionary ninth house. It’s a red-hot moment to start an entrepreneurial venture, fire up a media platform or even to go back to school (as student, teacher or both!).
From March 22 to April 30, Mars will be in Pisces and your ambitious, driven tenth house. Your career becomes a heat zone this spring. But pace yourself, because things could move faster than you’re comfortable with, which could also aggravate your stress levels. With Mercury turning retrograde from April 1 to 25, signals could scramble with technology, travel and communication. Though you’ll be feeling extra ambitious, this Mars cycle is best used for careful planning—and a bold execution of your vision in May.

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