Taurus Monthly Career Horoscope

March 2023 Taurus Career Horoscope

The weight is lifting! This March 7, you’ll say goodbye (and maybe good riddance) to tough-as-nails Saturn, the cosmic coach and curmudgeon. Since March 2020, Saturn’s been in Aquarius and your tenth house of career, making your professional plans proceed at what felt like a snail’s pace. Truth is, Saturn was just making sure your ambitions were built on a firm foundation—no cutting corners allowed! If you paid your dues and took the “medicine,” you could actually be set up for a long, successful cycle ahead!

There could be plenty of influence and power involved, and you’ll get a sneak preview of that from March 23 to June 11, when potent Pluto moves into Aquarius, picking up where Saturn left off. While Pluto won’t start its full 20-year transit through this sign until November 2024, you’ll get a glimpse of the leadership possibilities that await you.

On March 16, charming and magnetic Venus will move into your sign until April 11. While Venus is regarded as a love planet, it’s also linked to money (attraction is attraction, whether it’s a person or prosperity!). Use this monthlong period to mingle for your jingle, and feel free to mix business with pleasure! The March 30 meetup of Venus and innovative Uranus could find you at a tech-related meetup or sharing one of your most cutting-edge ideas with an appreciative audience, including an intrigued potential investor. 

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