Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019
You can TRY to hide from all the attention that’s scheduled to start coming your way this Friday, December 20, but really, Aquarius, why would you want to? This marks the annual arrival of vixen Venus into your sign, which will pump up your charismatic mojo without you having to so much as bat a magnetic eye lash! People will be drawn to your wit, wisdom and smoldering-beneath-the-surface sex appeal. Single Water Bearers will have an unfair advantage over the other signs during this glamorous gold rush. And since the love planet only pays her respects to your sign once a year, it behooves you to make the most of her largesse. While you’re free to pursue with abandon, there’s no need to race into anything that feels like commitment. Enjoy sampling all the options. However, if you know what you want, hold the bar high, screen out the wannabes and stay focused on what you are calling in. And should you find it, let Venus work her magic on you as a dynamic duo! Couples have a romantic revival to look forward to, but if there are grievances to air and apologies to be made (and accepted), make haste. You’ve only got three weeks to ignite that pilot light and KEEP it lit!
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Of course, when the blazing Sun swoons into Capricorn and your restful twelfth house on Saturday, you may need a break from the lively social scene and be eager to settle down for a LONG winter's nap. The run-up to your birthday—certainly through January 20—can be the quietest, most lowkey time of your year, and this month probably won’t break the mold. But there’s plenty of fun to be had at Chez Aquarius! If you’re attached, this is the perfect time for proving the axiom “less is more.” Think: lazy evenings in front of the fire, cooking up hearty soups and stews and maybe even experimenting with becoming a home brewer. Whatever you get up to, don’t ignore your inner life. This realm rules the unconscious mind, and yours will be on fire. Your dreams could be full of insight; your imagination will be in top form. Take time over the coming four weeks to tune in to your muse and capture those divine downloads. If you’ve been thinking of starting or expanding a meditation practice, this is a perfect moment. Strong emotions may well up, possibly sending you to a healer or therapist to work them through.
On Sunday, someone might disrupt your peaceful puttering, intentionally or otherwise. Venus finds herself on the wrong end of an unsettling square from rebellious Uranus and your domestic fourth house. If a relative or close friend makes demands on your time that you really can’t spare, complying—or feeling guilty—aren’t your only options. While that may be your first reaction, take this as a cosmic cue to set better boundaries. You don’t need to get defensive or overexplain yourself. Just let them know you care but have other commitments. And make sure YOU don’t inadvertently put pressure on someone in your inner circle.

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