Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

08-19-2019 to 08-25-2019
Quick, Aquarius: Swap your spaceship for a submarine! It’s time to go rolling in the deep, when this Wednesday, August 21, love goddess Venus dives into Virgo, plummeting through your eighth house of intimacy, mystery and seduction until September 14. Two days later, the Sun follows suit, embarking on its monthlong tour through this “red light district” of the zodiac wheel. Having “virginal” Virgo rule this zone is a bit of a paradox, and probably explains your occasional reluctance to embracing your sexy side. But give it your best shot for the coming four weeks…even if you have to develop an erotic alter ego in order to fully unleash. And if you ARE in touch with your magnetism, get ready! You’re going to feel the allure of your purr in a major way between now and September 23. Single and searching? Circulate among the high-vibes set. Virgo is the sign of service, making you hot for humanitarians. We’re not suggesting you turn every drum circle into your personal pick-up joint or get a little too “ecstatic” at Ecstatic Dance. But if you happen to connect to someone attractive and multidimensional while there, well, isn’t THAT a lovely fringe benefit? Are you already half of a purpose-driven power couple? With Venus casting her rosy glow over your zone of joint ventures, your partnership could become more permanent and entwined. Open that joint checking account, start house hunting, get engaged. Already did that? Scoop a little out of your shared funds and splurge on a luxurious bedroom set or maybe a shamanic retreat in Peru. 

 That said, couples may face a "make it or break it" moment in the next month, when the bright light of the Sun illuminates your cosmic chamber of secrets. This zone is about playing for keeps and really laying things on the line. If you decide "this is it," next steps could happen quickly. However, if you're still not sure whether this person is The One, try this experiment. Seriously try to envision life without them. When you're together, imagine how you'd feel if they were no longer a part of your life. Which part of you is more into it—your head, heart (or nether regions)? This can help you get clarity. If you're still on the fence, give it your all for a couple of weeks. You won't truly discover how a partnership will unfold until you go all the way in without holding back. The eighth house is also the “big money” zone of the chart. Think: royalties, commissions, property sales, investments. This solar spell will magnify your charm. Who can say no to you under these auspicious skies? Make your big pitches before September 23 and seal those deals in writing. If you’ve been pondering an investment, you could go “all in” or back out. Ask all the important questions and read the financials with the eyes of a hawk. You can never remove 100 percent of the risk, but you CAN decide if it’s one worth taking.

You might already make a swift and sudden move on Saturday! For the first time since November 2017, interstellar sweethearts Venus and Mars will meet up in Virgo and that same perma-bonding zone that’s been lit all week. You could meet someone who can actually hold your attention AND ignite a fire in your loins. If you’ve been in a LONG long-term relationship (we’re talking more than a year), get your hands back on the wheel. After a certain amount of time, the sparks don’t “just happen.” YOU have to ignite them, Aquarius, and that can require a little warming up period. Thaw the icy vibes with a raw and real conversation about what’s not working for both of you right now. Getting all that out on the table won’t be easy, but the alternative—holding it in—is just creating a cold war. Honest dialogues could lead to spicy pillow talk that takes your erotic life from siesta to fiesta!

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