Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

04-15-2019 to 04-21-2019
Tighten up those purse strings, Aquarius. You may glean insight into some of your spending habits on Monday, April 15, when hedonistic Venus in your money zone squares off with supersizer Jupiter in your community corner. Left to your own devices, you can be smart and even downright thrifty with your cash. But if you’re out with friends and everyone starts spending, those dollar bills can slip between your fingers. While you don't have to be tightfisted, simply by becoming aware of where every dollar goes can help you make more responsible decisions. This week, just pay attention, and then, based on your observations, make some necessary adjustments that you can stick with! And just for good measure, make a list of affordable entertainment options. Potluck picnics and bike rides in the park could turn into your spring obsession—and a much healthier alternative to blowing half a paycheck at the wine bar.
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Besides, it’s time to start setting aside funds for a travel budget! Friday's full moon in Libra—the second in a rare, back to back pair, will fully activate your wanderlust when it lands in your ninth house of worldly adventures. Where on the goddess' green earth would you like to drop your next pin? Set up fare alerts, and if something affordable pops up, pounce! Budget travel can still be a blast, so see which far-flung friends have a couch you can sleep on—or maybe want to do a weeklong apartment swap this summer? Even weekend road trips can be fun, so start perusing festival schedules and rallying the squad into a caravan. Even if the event doesn't take place for a couple months, having tickets in hand will already make the experience feel real. Have you been toiling away on a side hustle since last October 8's NEW moon in Libra? These moonbeams could bring serious inspiration (and buzz!) for your efforts. Warning: Don't overdose on the truth serum near Friday. Full moons often shine a light on what's hiding in the shadows, and you may feel compelled to unleash a torrent of "honest feelings." While some real talk may indeed be in order—especially since the first Libra full moon on March 20—you don't want to crush a loved one's ego. Wait until you can deliver your complaints proactively and lovingly. In the meanwhile, process with a wise friend (or therapist) who can help you regain perspective.
Retreat to Chateau Aquarius on Saturday, when the Sun shifts out of Aries and nestles in Taurus and your cozy, domestic fourth house. Feathering your nest could be a major obsession between now and May 21—but it won’t be “all Marie Kondo, all the time.” On Wednesday, outgoing Mercury heads into Aries and your buzzy third house until May 6, followed by convivial Venus from Saturday until May 15. Keep an open-door policy! Your house could become grand central for all kinds of springtime socializing from Derby parties to craft nights to drop-in visitors kicking it with you for an hour here and there. When it comes to love, Venus here can make you quite the flirt, but the Taurus Sun could find you dreaming about settling down. If you’re currently cohabitating, don’t just autopilot into “old marrieds” mode. Start a project together like planting a vegetable garden or hosting a dinner party for your mutual friends. Single? Give preferential treatment to the “mom approved” types. As you’re about to discover, nice doesn’t necessarily equate with boring.

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