Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

02-11-2019 to 02-17-2019

You love having a multitude of irons in the fire, Aquarius. And given your druthers, you’d have a multitude of fires! This is how your eclectic, plate-spinning sign rolls. But even you have a threshold, and you might discover where that lies on Wednesday, February 13. Your co-ruler, combustible Uranus, aligns with high-octane Mars in Aries and your mental third house. While these two powerhouses meet up once every other year, they won’t do so again in this sign for another 80 years, packing this day with shimmering possibilities. In your case, Water Bearer, it’s not about taking on any MORE people or projects. Select your top two or three ideas, punting the rest to the sidelines, and then throw yourself into them one at a time. At first you may resist, believing you operate at your best when you’re multitasking. But as research shows, that actually reduces your efficiency and performance because the brain can only focus on one thing at a time. Counterintuitive as it sounds, doing less can make you more productive and effective! And, if you’re being 100 percent honest, you may be exhausted and dying for a break—but too proud to take one. But here you go, Aquarius: an engraved invitation from the Universe to slow down, simplify and relax!

As if on cue, the very next day, energizing Mars takes the off-ramp out of your hectic communication center and downshifts into slow-jamming Taurus and your fourth house of home and grounding until March 31. Yes, Water Bearer: Peace of mind and serenity await! You won’t need to hunt for excuses to decline offers of rowdy nights out. These six weeks are all about R+R and getting centered again. Of course, as a social air sign, you need your peeps to keep you feeling connected, but there’s no need to go out to accomplish this. With just a few blast messages, you can turn your home into a hub of potluck parties or salons. Before March 31, target one (or several) household projects that have been on the back burner so long you’ve almost forgotten about them. Clear out those closets, paint the bathroom, reorganize your kitchen from the tiles up. One small caveat: Mars can stir up tension with people living under your roof. If you feel anger rising, step back and talk yourself off the ledge before you do or say something regrettable.

Thursday is also Valentine’s Day, and this year’s celebration may be extra sentimental—an anomaly for your intellectual sign. With Mars in sensual Taurus and your domestic zone and Venus in your twelfth house of fantasy, let yourself feel all the feels as they arise and don’t try to “rationalize” them away or cloak your emotions in sarcasm. It may be a Hallmark holiday, but there’s a lot of tradition behind this day. Since the twelfth house also rules grief and endings, you could heal an old wound or mourn someone you never completely got over. The trick to let these waves rise up and not duck for cover.

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