Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

03-30-2020 to 04-05-2020
Ready for battle, Aquarius? When warrior planet Mars makes its biennial stopover into your sign this Monday, March 30, you may feel like suiting up for a mission. The question is: Where to direct your prodigious energy first? You may feel overwhelmed by just how many people you want to help—and the sheer number of social injustices that you’re ready to fight. Okay, okay, we get it…and, whoa. This fierce phase, which lasts until May 12, can pump up passion. But it also can make you rash and impulsive. Being fired up is one thing, but firing first and asking questions later? Don’t do it. You’re better off harnessing your power and stepping into the role of a capable commander. People will follow your lead now, and you’re the brave general who can get the “troops” mobilized. When your determination is ramped up like this, nothing can stand in your way. Get crystal clear on your goals and priorities so you can make the most profound impact possible.

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Hurry up and wait?! Tuesday’s frenetic conjunction of action planet Mars and your co-ruler, deliberate Saturn, can make even ceaselessly patient Water Bearers lose their cool! It's not simply a matter of pacing yourself. The energy might be so up-and-down that you're not sure what's going to hit you next. This odd couple mashup hasn’t taken place in YOUR sign since 1994, and fortunately, it will pass in a matter of days. The overarching experience may leave you feeling tired and wired at the same time. Since you can't simultaneously hit the gas and the brakes, you'll need to learn to work the gears separately. It's worth your while, as these planets' combined energies can help you put some important checks and balances into place. When you're not in race-ahead mode, do creative visualizations to bring your dream to reality. Saturn gives you the clarity and forbearance to rethink your goals and tweak them till they align with present-moment you. Action-oriented Mars, on the other hand, can save you from analysis paralysis and help you make a move. Even the best laid plans require flexibility. Make a savvy move early this week, knowing that you can correct your course along the way!
Starting Friday, April 3, you can resume your regularly scheduled spring fever programming—or at least as much as is possible in the times of social distancing. Amorous Venus floats into Gemini and your fifth house of beauty, self-expression and sweet, sweet amour until August 7. This is four times Venus’ usual stopover in one sign, due to a retrograde coming up from May 13 to June 25. Surrender to that raging case of butterflies, even if you have to keep the courtship virtual for now. In a relationship? It may be incumbent on you to get creative with the “date” planning, especially if you’ve already taken five online museum tours with bae. But you’ve got this, Aquarius—and when Venus slips into reverse, lean into nostalgia as an aphrodisiac. How CAN you recreate one of your past love scenes without returning to the place of origin? (Challenge!) Heads up: An old flame could try to spark things up newly come mid-May, but proceed with caution if it was more than just bad timing that kept you apart.

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