Leo Weekly Horoscope

02-17-2020 to 02-23-2020
Got room for one more in that lair, Leo? This Tuesday, February 18, the Sun dips into Pisces and your mystical, intimate eighth house, followed by the new moon in Pisces on Sunday. Yes, you’ll need a good deal of solo time for the next four weeks. But in between your introspective spells, you’ll crave companionship—ideally from someone who knows the power of seductive silence. For a change, you won’t be up for those long, probing conversations. Words just make it harder to enjoy the smoldering chemistry between now and March 19. Whether you’re hosting an all-weekend “sex-in” or making art in a shared space, it’s all about co-created energy now.

In a relationship? Cancel some of your obligatory social plans so you have more time to make magic behind closed doors. Existing connections can deepen during this sexy spell—between the Egyptian cotton sheets and betwixt literal sheets of paper, like, say, a co-signed lease or marriage license. Single? Instead of pouncing like a ferocious lion, play a few teasing cat and mouse games. Subtlety is an art form. If your mojo's been in airplane mode, start the spring fever warm up by doing things that make you feel comfortable in your own skin. Move your body daily, even if you warm up with stretching before jumping into an African dance class. When it comes to your finances, look beyond the 9-5 grind. The Sun’s tour of Pisces points you towards passive income streams (read: money you make in your sleep) like downloadable products or even a networking marketing model of a product your heart and soul believe in. Start building or adding to your portfolio. This is a great time to learn about investing in companies whose proforma (and ethics!) you can stand behind. Explore stocks that you can stand behind—the company's ethics DO matter to your sign. Someone may even offer to put dollars behind your dreams, Leo. Get that business plan together and the funding could swiftly flow in.
A weekend warrior, alas, you will not be, Leo. But with innovative Uranus cruising through your career house—and trading friendly fire with motivator Mars this Friday—you'll be happy to obsess over your professional trajectory. Socialize strategically. Mars' fearless firepower will give you the courage to strike up a conversation with an influential partygoer. You'll dazzle with your can-do spirit, but instead of hauling out your list of accomplishments, ask thoughtful questions. The spirit of service is what will win over these heavy-hitters who probably don't get to talk about themselves as much as you would think. Plus, a synergy may naturally emerge, giving you an organic opening to hand them your card. Boom!
This Sunday, take time to check in with your basecamp crew. Not only will the new moon in Pisces turn your attention to more intimate matters, Venus in your expansive ninth house crashes into a reality-checking square with Jupiter in your responsible sixth. Have you roamed too far from home, Leo? In your desire to live an untethered existence (or not bother anyone), you may have let a few too many necessities slide. Get your hands back on the wheel, at least for a couple days, and make sure the Leo cruise ship is sailing towards the right port. Certain tasks simply can’t be delegated; they require your signature touch. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to doing everything by your lonesome. You may have to “set the template,” then train people in your methodology. After they hand in their work, you will also have to give it a final edit and polish. But if they can help you move the needle in a significant way, you’ll still have more time to play and fly free. Although you may feel pressured to wrap up a project, don't rush just to get 'er done or you could wind up making costly mistakes. Instead, take one methodical step at a time, knowing that, once everything is signed, sealed and delivered, you can get back to your adventures.

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