Leo Weekly Horoscope

04-15-2019 to 04-21-2019
Your popularity is on the rise, Leo, but careful not to jump the gun on a budding connection. While things may be “amazing” on the surface this Monday, April 15, there's more to the sitch than meets the eye. Sensual Venus in your intimacy zone is locked in a tense square with "too much too soon" Jupiter in your romantic quarters. It may look like a duck and walk like a duck (though hopefully not snog like a duck), sure. But you need to do a lot more due diligence before you do anything drastic, like change your relationship status in your social media profile. You would love to be half of a power couple, but you want the real deal. Take your time, which is the only way you'll find out if it actually IS a duck. The same holds true with the friends you invite into your inner circle. Let them in slowly, even if it feels like an insta-lovefest. While you can measure charm at first blush, character takes longer to suss out.
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A close relationship may demand attention on Friday, when the second consecutive Libra full moon of the year flashes a searchlight in your third house of friendship and siblings. If you've been too slammed to squeeze in QT with your sister or bestie, adjust your schedule. Their quiet support is what keeps you going on your stormier days! If you want to keep these essential allies in your corner, you have to "feed the emotional bank account." Treat for dinner or catch up over a long post-work walk. Have you been stuffing down some frustration since the first Libra full moon at the March 20 equinox? (Or maybe you STARTED to talk about it, but Mercury was retrograde then and the chats were short-circuited.) On Friday, you may finally have enough emotional distance to broach the subject again. Hopefully, you’ve had enough time to play out the scenario in your head—and to figure out how to word your complaint so no one feels like they’re being put on trial. Looking for someone to partner up with on a project? Someone you met a month ago could reveal new promise. Get a discovery call on the books. This could turn into a viable (and potentially profitable) joint venture. Since Libra rules legal matters, contract negotiations could get underway, whether you're shopping for a record deal or signing the lease on a hybrid electric car.

Career goals come into sharper focus beginning Saturday, when the Sun beams into Taurus and your tenth house of ambition and success until May 21. Dry clean those power-lunch-appropriate outfits and give all your public profiles a discriminatingly thorough review. With wordsmith Mercury and aesthetic Venus moving into Aries on Wednesday and Saturday, respectively, your entrepreneurial ninth house will be lit for much of Taurus season. This is also the zone of publishing, media and teaching, so if you have a story to tell (and what Leo doesn’t, amirite?) it could become fodder for a future Netflix series, self-taught workshop or…who knows what? With your ambition flying high, you might as well aim for the gold standard, Leo! Traveling for business purposes could be a blast, so don’t think twice about signing up for a conference, especially if you can go on the company dime. But even if you have to spring for it, any additional networking and learning you do is like riding an express elevator up the ladder. And with amorous Venus’ influence until May 15, there could be some frisky fun as a bonus. Some Leos might even try teaming up with your S.O. for a professional purpose. That said, the warning labels about mixing business and pleasure still apply, so don’t even think about going there if it could compromise your future success or happiness.

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