Leo Weekly Horoscope

02-11-2019 to 02-17-2019

Are you thinking big enough, Leo? Whether you’re aiming for global domination or just planning a spring getaway, a heavenly mashup on Wednesday, February 13, encourages you to supersize your plans! That day, motivational Mars teams up with revolutionary Uranus in Aries and your worldly ninth house. While these two titans meet once every other year, they won’t merge their superpowers in this realm again for another 80 years, so take a chance on something you’re craving. Some Leos might be the architects of this initiative, plotting every step like a master choreographer. Others may simply luck into an amazing opportunity that’s everything they were hoping for—and then some! But meet the universe halfway by getting clear on what you want or at least what you MIGHT want. This transit will burn away anything that doesn’t support the goal and open up space for something more appropriate to come in. This one-day boon favors travel, risk-taking, entrepreneurship and education, whether you’re the student or the teacher. Even if your wings are clipped, you can start researching, planning and scheming now. Talk to friends or your S.O. about places you can explore together, or reach out to pals in exotic locales who are always asking when you’re going to come visit. And then, look at your calendars and funds, pick a date and do it!


But move those big plans to the back—or a side—burner on Thursday, when driven Mars charges into Taurus and your professional tenth house. The red-hot planet hasn’t visited this part of your chart in two years, and if you’ve been waiting for a blast of motivation to embark on a new course, get ready ‘cause here it comes! Are you looking to make a big move, perhaps to another company or different field altogether? What do you need to do or learn to prepare yourself? You’ve got until March 31 to take full advantage of this power surge, so make haste taking training, polishing your resume or portfolio and informing the appropriate people. Since this next position may be several rungs up the ladder, make sure you look the part you want to step into. If you need a few on-trend wardrobe pieces, take yourself shopping and consider your purchases investments in your own future. Been thinking you’re ready to assume more responsibility or take on a role with greater visibility? Talk to your boss or former colleagues and see what opportunities might be opening. This is also a good time to have a few sessions with a business coach to align your actions with your highest desires.

But it’s not all work ALL the time, Lion—especially not this evening, which is Cupid’s biggest night of the year. With passionate Mars in sensual Taurus and your haute tenth house and amorous Venus in upscale Capricorn, you won’t be thinking “dive bar” for your V-Day celebration venue. You’ll be far more interested in VIP parties or a multi-course gourmet meal. Got a date? Enjoy the evening, but should conversation turn to shared goals and future plans, don’t get cold feet. This could be the moment you’ve been hoping for! Baeless? You’re not alone, and what better way to relish the wonderful people in your life than by hosting a spontaneous party at Chez Leo?!

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