Leo Weekly Horoscope

03-30-2020 to 04-05-2020
You love your lion’s den, Leo, but #LairLife as a new normal? That’s a totally different story—especially if you’re sharing space. This Monday, March 30, things could get a little turbulent under your roof as agitator Mars moves opposite your sign, traveling through Aquarius until May 12. As this circuit activates your seventh house of partnerships, it reveals where relationships have fallen way out of balance and where they could use some immediate attention to restore harmony. Don’t put this off! For example, if someone you live with has been laying down the law like a tyrant—or conversely, is refusing to cooperate with YOUR requests—the power struggles will only intensify during this Mars cycle. Be the bigger person, Leo, by listening and asking questions until you get to the source of other people’s needs…and fears! With so much uncertainty afoot, most of the planet is defaulting to old, unhealthy behaviors as a coping mechanism. Have compassion, but don’t sweep your needs under the rug. You need to feel in your relationships—even if you’re not living under the same roof. People need each other more than ever now, whether you’re interactive virtually or in close quarters.

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Conversations like these may be easiest to have on Tuesday when Mars catches up to mature, grounded Saturn at the same degree of Aquarius. Your discernment filters will be sharp, helping you intuit what is helpful to express and what might actually conflate the drama. With Mars here, you’re not afraid of a “fight,” but Saturn’s role is to create workability. How can you reconfigure roles and responsibilities to play to everyone’s strengths? A business partnership could also strengthen thanks to the Mars-Saturn meetup. Even if you can’t hit the gas on an initiative, you can slowly roll it out over the coming six weeks. A romantic relationship may also heat up with lusty Mars connecting to serious Saturn. Hunkering down together can be quite the aphrodisiac. Make sure you give bae space to zone out. While you love to connect, you don’t always realize how much attention you demand, Leo, and that can take a toll on relationships.
Thankfully, you’ll have plenty of other people to connect with starting this Friday, April 3, as convivial Venus heads into Gemini and your eleventh house of community and technology until August 7. Don’t wait for someone else to step up, Leo. Your playful, creative spirit will come in handy as the digital entertainment director for your squad. Sign up for online membership groups that speak to your interests. Organize Zoom calls to keep your friends and family united. Who says you can’t play cards or watch movies together from different corners of the world? Romantically, this Venus cycle is ideal for virtual baehunting, so if you’re single, you could have more fun than anticipated wooing by webcam. The world is your oyster right now. With your intellect fully stimulated, you could swoon, in sapiosexual style, for a seductive geek. Start by letting them blow your mind, then, you can take it further. Head’s up: Venus will be retrograde from May 13 to June 25, which could bring back a love interest from your past. Were you too quick to ghost after one coffee date? Reviving the sparks might just be possible if you apologize with every ounce of charm and humility you’ve got.
But DO pay attention to protocol. Saturday brings the first of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn and your sixth house of wellness and work. (The other two are June 30 and November 12.) With your desire to serve humanity, you may push yourself to be on the front lines. Make sure you’re also looking out for yourself, o’ noble lion. There are ways to be there for your coworkers—and your community—that don’t put you at risk. This planetary pairing may reveal a hidden source of income for you, one that is needed more than ever in these times. You can roll it out slowly, Leo, offering a “pay what you wish” or lower-priced service to begin with. Over the coming months, this could build into something that helps put food on the table, too. Don’t underestimate your worth!

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