Leo Weekly Horoscope

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04-06-2020 to 04-12-2020

Meditation app, anyone? Be sure to do your grounding and calming practices on Tuesday, April 7, Leo! That afternoon brings an unsettling square between demanding Mars in your relationship realm and disruptive Uranus in your professional tenth house. Of course you’re being as sensitive and generous as possible to your partner or other close people in your life, but when work issues arise, you also need to take care of them in a timely fashion. And with everyone’s fuse a bit shorter than usual, ways that worked in the past might not do the trick now. What’s important is to remind everyone that you’re doing the absolute best you can, but you’re only one Lion. Even as you’re, say, calming a stressed coworker or helping your S.O. home-school or order food online, be mindful of all the other time-sensitive obligations you need to manage. You might have to get people to verbally agree to a compromise so they don’t feel ignored. Hopefully the pressure of this time will lead everyone to become more, not less, patient with one another. And as the natural leader of the zodiac, you need to do YOUR best to model what that behavior looks like.

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Later on Tuesday, the year’s only Libra full moon shines a light on ALL kinds of interpersonal relationships as it activates your third house of siblings, neighbors and platonic pals. This could be a wonderful moment to revive a discussion about teaming up with a savvy associate and sending up a trial balloon for a potential collaboration. Your dynamic sign knows VERY well that success hinges on having strong relationships. And this lunar lift, in the sign of social Libra, inspires you to go out of your way to nurture those important and influential connections. Lean in to your generous nature by offering support on an assignment or giving a prospective client their first session for free. If your contact database could use a reboot, this is the perfect time to explore new online community groups in your field. The only “caveat”: Be selective. You only have so much time and energy, Leo, and this full moon also reminds you of the importance of staying in balance.
You can’t help but tell the whole truth (and nothing but the truth) starting this Friday as expressive Mercury wings into Aries and its annual sprint through your ninth house of candor and expansion. Normally, this peripatetic period would have you researching and booking travel—and actually GOING places—but 2020 will be the exception. Still, there’s no reason to not connect with friends from different backgrounds or who live in far-flung locales. This might just provide the excuse you’ve been looking for to take a foreign-language immersion course online. Furthermore, this media-savvy cycle, which lasts until April 27, is great for publishing projects. Just be mindful of your messaging and communication style because not everyone will be as upbeat as you are. Try to imagine what effect your words and images will have on your audience. And if you’re not clear, ASK.

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