Leo Weekly Horoscope

08-19-2019 to 08-25-2019
With a planetary posse in your sign most of the summer, you’ve been partying like a Coachella headliner. Fun? Absolutely. Exhausting? Yeah, that, too. Book a restorative spa day…or just go take a long, luxurious disco nap this Wednesday, August 21, as Venus waves farewell to your sign and eases into Virgo and your sensual second house until September 14. From the bedroom to the dressing room, you simply can’t be rushed. Wake up a little earlier to assemble a runway-perfect outfit and journal while you sip your post-meditation tea. Retire to your chambers BEFORE you’re tired, so you can make the most of Venus’ romantic proclivities. While the galactic glamour queen toured your sign from July 27 to August 21, it took zero effort to make yourself the center of attention. (Your willingness was the only requirement.) These next four weeks might not bring the same paparazzi- and PDA-fueled romantic highs, but they can be plenty titillating. Reduce your speed and savor the simple (but decadent) pleasures: getting frisky on high-thread-count sheets, sipping vintage bubbly, binge-watching your favorite series in bed. Of course, slowing down enough to actually talk to your boo at the end of the day can be the most potent aphrodisiac of all. Single Leos may be drawn to a traditional type, so don’t be surprised if that “boring” person is suddenly all that you can think about!

On Friday, your ruler, the confidence-boosting Sun, shifts into Virgo and your second house, activating your earning power until September 23. While this marks the bittersweet end to Leo season 2019, you’re ready to join the ranks of productive people once again. The second house is the financial district of the chart and you’re eager to make some money moves. Over the next four weeks, you could lock in an important client or tick off a major milestone on a project…one that pays you handsomely. Got champagne dreams on a PBR budget? Don’t give up. Pop on the project manager’s fedora and map out a tangible plan. Once you see what funds, timelines and people-power will be required, you may realize that your dream is more doable than you thought. With dedicated hustle, the next four weeks could bring a profitable growth spurt. Don't start comparing and despairing. Just set a few actionable benchmarks and get to work. The sensible Virgo Sun calls for structures and systems, so instead of just hitting the gas, get a savvy workflow set up. As the zodiac's royal, you always thrive when surrounded by a capable court—from mentors to support staff—so don’t feel that you have to do it all alone.
On Saturday, interstellar lovebirds Mars and Venus spoon in Virgo and your slow-jamming second house—their first meetup since November 2017. (On that note, what was happening in your romantic life back then?) Silence all work devices and set your Spotify to a station heavy on the Al Green and Frank Ocean. Whether you’re enjoying a decadent day alone or entertaining a sexy plus-one, you’ll be in your most seductive, creative element at home sweet home. If you do get out, keep it classy, Leo. A highbrow art event, charity gala, or theater performance will be worth the ticket price. 

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