Leo Weekly Horoscope

12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019
Two’s your magic number for a month starting this Friday, December 20, as sensual Venus invades Aquarius and your partnership zone until January 13, 2020. Regardless of your current relationship status, you won’t want to do much on your own for the next three weeks. Wrap up solo ventures because you’re about to become the consummate team player—or half of the sexiest power couple! You may have been burning the midnight oil for the past several weeks (while Venus was in uber-industrious Capricorn and your work and service sector). But starting this weekend, you’ll be ready to glam up and hit the holiday-party circuit as only a Leo can do! There’s no such thing as too much extravagance and FUN while the vixen planet vamps through your romance sector. If you are in an LTR, plan some sexy surprises, but for maximum effect, don’t drop so much as a hint. Newly dating? If you’re sensing potential, raise the ante with more upscale or high-visibility dates (signaling your interest AND pride in them). Single Lions know what to do; you might need just the tiniest nudge from a friend to hit the scene and make some jungle-ruler-worthy first moves. It’s also a great opportunity for a creative or professional alliance. Test the waters with a small project before you take things to the major leagues though!
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Alas, it won’t be an entire month of winging from one party to the next. This Saturday, your ruler, the focused Sun, makes its annual arrival into Capricorn and your sixth house of work and practical magic. Get out and party like you mean it, but know that you may still have to crank out a few last assignments before the calendar turns—or this phase ends on January 20. When you do shift into get-‘er-done mode, don’t multitask or get distracted. If you can screen out interruptions and stay on task, you’ll get things out the door in record time—and with a high pro glow! This realm also rules healthy living, which is kind of bad timing given all the holiday treats and open bars you’re sure to encounter. Head temptation off at the pass by filling up on nutritious snacks, meals and beverages before you go out. Don’t deny yourself altogether, but try to practice “extreme moderation.”
One thing you want to watch for as the weekend draws to a close is falling down a professional rabbit hole. It’s admirable that you can get quality work done on a Sunday, Leo, but if someone is tugging at your sleeve to go out or honor a prior commitment (like, your S.O.), take the hint and power down before you get lost in the weeds. Venus in your partnership zone is clashing with disruptive Uranus in your career zone—a tussle that happens once a year—and you’ll need to be able to catch yourself going off the rails. If this truly can’t hold till Monday, bang it out fast and make it up to bae. However, if you’re allowing yourself to get sucked in, RESIST! And go have some serious fun!

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