Leo Weekly Horoscope

06-17-2019 to 06-23-2019
This Monday is for love, which could easily expand into several weeks and even months if you play your cards right! The week kicks off with the year's only full moon in Sagittarius, which sends a jolt of electricity through your fifth house of passion, creativity and fame. (This realm is associated with your ardent sign.) Single? These next two weeks will be brimming with prospects who are magnetically drawn to you. But don’t just kick back and wait for them to come up and fawn all over you. When you catch a vibe, let them know you’re feeling them. You don’t have to go for the romantic jugular; just keep up your end of the conversation with witty banter and meaningful revelations and see where it goes. If you’re in a hard-to-define relationship, this lunar lift could illuminate aspects of the connection that help you decide whether to put more effort into it or cut your losses. You’ll have the confidence to speak up and, if that doesn’t move the needle, to initiate the shift you desire. Couples could experience a sweet romantic reboot. Small, tender gestures will keep the wheels of commitment greased better than grandiose displays and over-the-top gifts. This fertile fifth-house full moon could inspire talk of babymaking—now or over the next half-year. Not quite there yet? How about a “creative brainchild” that you pour every ounce of your passion into?
You could take a hard left toward permabonding on Friday, when fantasy agent Neptune spins into its annual retrograde in dreamy Pisces and your esoteric and erotic eighth house. Your appetite for spirituality is matched only by your thirst for seduction, so clear out your calendar and pursue both in earnest. During these next five months, you might attract a teacher who helps you deepen your understanding, and/or a lover who takes you to places you’ve never gone. Keep your divination cards in your bag as well as a copy of your astrology chart on your phone. Or download an app: You never know when you’ll need to cast an “emergency” chart (during an intriguing Tinder date, say). Happily hooked up? Even solid couples need to explore uncomfortable emotions, and there’s no telling what the super-sensitive planet’s retrograde may unearth.
If that weren’t enough, later on Friday another wave of dreaminess washes over you as your cosmic custodian, the luminous Sun, slips into Cancer and your twelfth house of introspection, healing and the subconscious. This is the final month of your annual solar cycle before Leo season begins on July 22. To make sure your batteries are fully recharged and that you’ve cleared out any self-defeating detritus from your life, take a deep plunge into your inner world. Keep your journal or sketchbook close by; build plenty of downtime into your schedule in which you pursue passion projects—or do nothing at all. The more you actively engage in your own restoration, the more alert, productive and irresistible you will be four weeks from now.

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