Libra Weekly Horoscope

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04-06-2020 to 04-12-2020

Call on your Libran ingenuity this Tuesday, April 7, when two of the most activating planets, sizzling Mars in your zone d’amour and transformational Uranus in your seduction center, connect and stoke your passion. If you’re sheltering in place with your beloved, you’ve got a built-in advantage. But this planetary pairing can cause tempers to flare and strong emotions, like jealousy or control issues, to rise to the surface. You’ll need to keep yourself in check to avoid sparking a fight or power struggle. Manage this well and it could be an epic day for the relationship. But if you’re separated from your love interest, or single, you’ll need to rely on your imagination. Hopefully you’ve got some privacy and can be alone together—virtually. But these chart sectors also rule creativity and spirituality, so even if your libido is on forced hiatus, you can throw yourself into an art project, host an online dance party or drum circle or hole up with a metaphysical tome or video. On a lighter—and possibly more fun—level, you could embark on a personal makeover (or makeunder) that reflects Libra 2020. Ask stylish friends for easy suggestions to modify your look, and do your best to keep an open mind about their ideas. What a fun excuse to spend some time curating, shopping and decluttering your closet!

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Later on Tuesday, the year's only full moon in your sign is like a personal New Year. Regardless of sheltering-in-place regulations, you’re about to be called onto center stage and ordered to stop dimming your light. Whatever you do with this lunar lift is up to you, of course. You could just do a photo shoot after your style makeover is complete and share this reinvented you with the world. But if you’re working on something that might benefit many, start promoting it via social media and an email campaign with the potential to go (er) viral. Even if what you’ve been toiling away on since the Libra new moon of September 28, 2019, is a passion project, there are sure to be interested people who would love to get involved in some way. If your work is still in process, set up a Zoom focus group of savvy friends and colleagues who can offer useful feedback. Let them know you’ll return their kindness by taking them out for a drink or a meal when social distancing regulations ease up.
On Friday, gregarious Mercury zings into Aries and your seventh house of dynamic duos for its annual tour. Between now and April 27, it could pique your interest in a few special souls—or maybe one you already know? Unattached Libras can overcome a sense of aloneness or frustration by taking matters into your own hands—fingers, actually. Increase your chances of meeting a worthy match by spending less time Netflix-bingeing and more time swiping through those apps. If this is any encouragement, the “single-named” apps have reported spikes of 10 to 20 percent in customer messaging, and there’s even a new app called Quarantine Together, which launched in March. In an LTR? Bring your creativity to the fore, coming up with fun date nights at home and ways you can both make your lives better, like doing a 30-day HIIT challenge in your living room. Hmm, or maybe the boudoir?

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