Libra Weekly Horoscope

12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019
It’s safe to come out of hibernation part one, Libra! This Friday, December 20, your cosmic chaperone, outgoing Venus, shimmies into your fifth house of dancing and romancing and calls you out to play. The next few weeks are all about dressing up, going out and having fun with your crew and S.O. Baeless? With your magnetism cranked up, you won’t need to park under the mistletoe or cyberstalk your ex. Just be your natural chatty (and flirty) self, and people will gravitate to you. Whether you’re attending industry events or VIP galas, you’ll leave a sea of turned heads (and possibly sprained necks) in your wake. Just get into the festive, celebratory spirit of the holiday and let spontaneity be your GPS. If you need a few new holiday outfits to be totally on your game, hit the sale racks and pick up something maximalist that doesn’t break the bank yet makes you feel like your fiercest self. With Venus striding through this “eleganza” realm, looking good isn’t superficial; it gives you the confidence to get out and spread your message—or just some holiday good cheer!
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Ironically, Saturday kicks off “hygge season” as the Sun settles into Capricorn and your comfy, cozy fourth house. Even with your popularity spiking, a part of you will be counting the hours till you can come home and nuzzle under the fleece throw. This doesn’t mean you’ll shift into hermit mode, but you may be happiest entertaining your peeps at Chez Libra for the next four weeks. Plan a decadent dinner party; organize a rotating cocktail-party circuit where everyone takes turns hosting. If your home is anything BUT sweet, this could be the moment you’ve been waiting for to make some significant shifts. Craving a different roommate situation (like, none or moving in with bae)? Or perhaps you’ve outgrown your neighborhood and are ready to pull up stakes—across town or perhaps the country? Don’t worry about it being the “wrong” time to start checking listings and going to open houses. No one will force you to commit, and getting a sense of what’s out there (or not) could help you make a major life decision. Beyond the generous spirit of the season, this is a wonderful time to forgive a relative or find your way to a new peace with a button pusher in your social circle. You know what they say, Libra: You can’t control other people’s actions, only YOUR reactions!
But before the weekend draws to a close, you may have to navigate a tricky situation with a love interest or someone in your inner circle. Agreeable Venus locks into a tense square with provocative Uranus in your intimate eighth house. The volatile planet in your house of emotional intensity can stir up strong feelings all by itself, and Sunday’s tussle with idealistic Venus could make you question a certain close connection. But this is a fast-moving, one-day skirmish, so no matter how hard it is to ride out this inner storm, you must. Allow yourself to fully experience those moods and sensations, and see if you can’t find a silver lining, or teaching, in the events that unfold.

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