Libra Weekly Horoscope

03-30-2020 to 04-05-2020
Leadership is calling—and it’s time to answer, Libra. This Monday, March 30, make-it-happen Mars bursts into socially conscientious Aquarius. As one of the four “cardinal signs” of the zodiac, you’re an initiator. When it’s time to take charge, step up and guide people in a positive direction, you don’t miss a beat. Well, Libra, that’s your directive until May 12 (and beyond), as the red planet zooms through your eminent fifth house. With great power comes great responsibility, and your justice-oriented sign is up for the task. People naturally follow you, Libra, especially since you are able to deliver news in a calm, balanced and even creative way. You may already be called to do that on Tuesday when Mars catches up with weighty Saturn. A job needs to be done, but no one is champing at the bit to do it. Here’s where you come in—this responsibility is mighty and you’re the honorable one for taking it on.

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The fifth house is associated with fame, fashion and glamour, not exactly hot topics of 2020, but then again, these are the things that can make one feel normal when everything around you is so damn uncertain. Change out of your “good pajamas” and into something fabulous. You might be all dressed up with no place to go, but your spirits will elevate from the self-care. And who knows? This could be the confidence booster you need to record an inspiring video, host a virtual dance party or snap some sultry photos to send to bae. Speaking of which, this passionate Mars phase could spark a romantic renaissance for single Libras or turn up the heat in your current relationship. You’re all about the “old-fashioned” courtship rituals, taking your sweet time for seduction. While you might have to use some modern-day tools to get your fix, a Libra-in-waiting CAN be wooed by webcam. Warning: Mars can be pushy and competitive, so make sure you aren't asking the impossible of the one you love, even if your requests are perfectly reasonable. It’s not what you say but how you’re saying it.
On Friday, April 3, your ruling planet Venus switches signs, advancing into Gemini until August 7—an extra-long voyage due to an upcoming retrograde from May 13 to June 25. Normally, this would be your cue to travel the world or take a “baecation,” and while that might not be possible right now, you can find creative ways to open your heart and expand. Join an online group, like a book club, that reads titles by authors from around the world. Have you been wanting to write a novel or your memoirs? With creatrix Venus energizing your publishing house for four months, you might just have a completed manuscript by the time this quarantine lifts. Since the ninth house rules entrepreneurial ventures, joining a business mastermind group online can help you drum up new income streams during these shifting times. This is also an optimal time to get certified by an online university. Bonus if these groups bring together people across cultures and continents. When travel gets the global green light again, you’ll have people to visit all over the world. A long-distance love affair will also catch a strong gust of momentum—and absence can make the erotic energy grow even hotter. (Hello, videochat vixen!) Did you meet someone on prior travels? They could pop up in a messenger window during the retrograde from May 13 to June 25; or if you feel boldly inclined, DO reach out.
Saturday marks the first of 2020’s three Jupiter-Pluto connections, which could bring some innovative new ideas for how to make your square footage work in this “new reality.” Like much of the world, your shelter may require some reconfiguration to meet the changing needs of work, schooling and general privacy concerns. Now’s the time to think it through strategically, so you’re set up powerfully for the other two conjunctions on June 30 and November 12. But because this is a transit in three acts, hold off on any massive renovations. It’s likely you will shift things around a couple more times before 2020 is through.

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