Libra Weekly Horoscope

06-17-2019 to 06-23-2019
As the saying goes, you’ve never met a stranger, thanks to your outgoing and gregarious personality. And this week, you might take that to a whole new level as the year's only Sagittarius full moon activates your third house of communication and social interaction on Monday, June 17. You’ll be oozing charm and magnetism, so keep your eyes and ears peeled, and stay open to possibilities, especially the ones that come from out of the blue—and that goes double for anything local. Your own ‘hood is full of intriguing souls, and chatting up people you meet in the rather prosaic places, like the hair salon or health food store, might point you to a kindred spirit. Under a lit third-house full moon, you could kick off a creative collaboration or find a whiz kid for your trivia team. If you sense that someone who’s been hovering on the periphery of one of your friend circles would like to know you better, reach out! One conversation over coffee or IPAs could reveal someone with BFF potential. Your loquacious sign is rarely at a loss for words, and the two weeks following this full moon—peak manifestation time—are perfect for refining any message you're eager to put out to a larger audience. Language is important, but also think visuals, tone and whether you’re using appropriate platforms to support your narrative. Not sure? Hire a pro, or barter with a friend who has firsthand experience.
There’s physical fitness, and then there’s metaphysical fitness! This Friday, soulful Neptune turns retrograde in your wellness corner, which can inspire a review of your health and wellness regimen—and your self-care! As the sign of the scales, you sometimes struggle to strike a balance between working out, eating well and pampering. Often it tends to go to one extreme or the other. But with perceptive Neptune in reverse, you can assess your lifestyle with a little more objectivity and distance. Making shifts doesn’t have to be about deprivation. Perhaps the first change you need to make is in your thinking! This five-month backspin can help you create a plan that is flexible enough to stick to. Even when retrograde, Neptune can add a high-vibe shimmer to everything it touches. See if you can reframe your cardio workouts as a chance to listen to podcasts or catch up on some long-form reading. And maybe half the time you’d otherwise “reward” yourself with a glass of wine or something double-chocolate, swap it out for a shrub or raw cacao smoothie.
Later on Friday, your career gets a shot in the arm as the confident Sun blasts into Cancer and your ambitious tenth house, upleveling your career goals until July 22. Over these next four weeks, prioritize your dreams and visions, and map out the steps you need to take to get you where you want to be in six months. As a natural-born networker, tap your community and wider spheres of influence for the kind of support you need—or just to spend an afternoon brainstorming. (Drinks and snacks your treat, of course!) Whether you want to move up the company ladder, launch a side business or take a passion project public, having friends in high places never hurts.

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