Libra Weekly Horoscope

02-17-2020 to 02-23-2020
Pack up the pasta maker, Libra, because starting this Tuesday, February 18, the juicer gets prime real estate on your kitchen counter again. With the Sun beaming into Pisces and your wellness zone for a month, you’re ready to charge yourself up with clean, green fuel. Download a Class Pass and try out all the studios in your area. If they’re filled with upbeat people and amazing classes (and some spa-like amenities) you could become a regular fixture on the “scene.” Struggling to get motivated? A little decadence always sweetens the deal. How about slipping off for a long-weekend yoga retreat or even a bikini boot camp on some tropical beach? While you could spend a ton on facials, taking excellent care of yourself is the way to reignite your lit-from-within glow.

Many Libras are healthy foodies by nature; your compassionate sign might even become a vegetarian at an early age. But are you getting the right RDA of vitamins and minerals; and do you have any special sensitivities? Have your doctor run a food allergy test or get your panels done to see if you’re low on things like iron and Vitamin D. Caveat: Mercury is retrograde until March 9, so you might want to wait until after that to book any tests like this. Roll up the sleeves of your office-approved athleisure. Work gets busy under this solar spell, but to really crush it, you need more than just a big goal—you need better structures! The Sun’s tour of Pisces activates your sixth house of efficiency. Working smarter, not harder is the name of the game. Create systems, scale back monster projects and wrestle everything into a manageable plan. Need more time for the higher paying tasks? Don't be a martyr, Libra. Outsource or hire a part time assistant so you can finally get ahead of the curve!
Friday brings another piercing arrow from Cupid—or maybe a whole quiver full! Electric Uranus in your erotic eighth house will connect to lusty Mars, bringing some intense thrills your way. Privacy please! Chemistry could quickly go exothermic behind closed doors. Schedule a one-on-one date, even offer to make your amour du jour a home-cooked meal. Stick to a simple menu, because you might be carried off to the bedroom before you finish your appetizers. Already way past the honeymoon phase? Slip off to a quaint B&B or take a spa Friday to unwind with your bae. When you're relaxed, you're receptive—and getting away from the crush of household to do's won't hurt your libido, either.
On Sunday, the new moon in Pisces brings another prompt to take care of yourself—and the details. But look out! Molehills can grow into Annapurna-sized mountains, when your ruler, convivial Venus in your relationship realm, crashes into a complicated square with outspoken Jupiter in your emotionally sensitive fourth house. Feelings will be all over the map this weekend. Even the people you adore most could get under your skin for no apparent reason. But easy with those clapbacks! You may be having an insecure moment, but that doesn’t give you the right to project it onto the people you love. Perhaps the “expectations” you THINK they have of you are all in your head. And on that note, have you raised your own bar a little too high for your people to reach? If you notice yourself getting impatient or edgy, step back and reflect. Could it be that this person is mirroring something that you’re struggling to accept within? Give yourself some room and loads of compassion. Forgiving yourself could be the secret ingredient for bringing back the love.

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