Libra Weekly Horoscope

04-15-2019 to 04-21-2019
No matter how you candy-coat it, Libra, there’s no such thing as being halfway pregnant or telling half a truth or really doing anything good by half measure. This Monday, April 15, hold yourself to the highest level of integrity. Even if you CAN get away with embellishing a story, those fibs have a way of coming back to haunt you, especially under a bare-knuckled mashup of candid Jupiter and harmonious Venus. If a certain relationship has been fraught with tension, use the energy of this diplomatic planetary pairing to bring things into the open and dissolve the strain. As long as you approach the other person with kindness and tact, you'll be able to restore the peace and bring back the loving feeling. But in order to mend fences, you may have to come clean about something you were hiding—even if your only crime was pretending to like something (when you were vehemently against it!) because you didn’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings.
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Friday also marks an epic day for celebrating your individuality, as 2019's second consecutive full moon in Libra—the sequel in a back-to-back pair—electrifies the skies. Wherever you've been hiding your light, these moonbeams will shoot you back onto center stage to let it shine. Pose for some eye-popping selfies and dare to overshare. When you've got something worth buzzing about, you're doing the world a public service by spreading the news. If you've been toiling away on a passion project since the first Libra full moon on March 20—or the NEW moon in Libra last October 8—cut the ribbon and debut it to the world. If you struggle with self-promotion, ask friends and clients to write up testimonials or help spread the word on their feeds. If this is a moneymaking venture, consider bringing in support from a social media pro, agent or publicist. Is your work still "in progress"? Pull together a focus group of savvy friends who are willing to share candid and constructive feedback. Their invaluable input can sharpen your game plan and even save you from making an expensive mistake. Show them that you value their time by springing for a round of drinks. Or hey, given that it’s a Friday, this could be the excuse you’ve been waiting for to throw one of your legendary dinner parties.
Taurus season begins on Saturday as the Sun heats up your erotic eighth house until May 21. Forget modesty! (Well, at least when the lights go down.) It’s time to hand the wheel to your inner vixen and let the spring awakening begin. With messenger Mercury grooving into Aries and your relationship house from Wednesday until May 6, followed by your ruler, romantic Venus, from Saturday until May 15, your urge to merge will be damn near irrepressible. If you are currently sans partner, you can still choose a playmate, but do so judiciously! Because of the commitment-oriented energy that’s afoot during Taurus season, you’ll be dreaming of a keeper and you don’t want to fall into the trap of trying to cast a player in the role of your prince(ss). The Sun in your eighth house can stir up strong emotions, no matter your relationship status. Even “old-married” Libras may have to work harder to keep the green-eyed monster at bay. Because joint ventures of the business AND romantic variety may develop quickly under this transit, make sure you mean what you say when conversations run toward sharing assets and making connections more official—and more permanent. Is it “choose or lose” time, Libra? Sometimes holding people’s hands to the fire is what’s required to shift a stalled relationship out of neutral. Just remember: If they say yes, that means YOU’RE committed as well.

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