Libra Weekly Horoscope

08-19-2019 to 08-25-2019
Gather your crystals and your art supplies, too. Your imagination veers to the dreamier end of the spectrum this Wednesday, August 21, as your ruler, quixotic Venus, flows into Virgo and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house. Keep a capture tool handy 24/7. Between now and September 14, divine downloads will stream in while you’re sleeping or simply staring out the window at the clouds. Romantically, this three-week cycle will be rich. Like Pablo Picasso’s rose period, you’ll see everyone in their brightest, most idyllic light. The ability to draw out hidden potential is one of your gifts, Libra. But fixating on “the good” doesn’t justify screening out the bad and the ugly. It can be hard for your idealistic sign to accept the imperfection of the human condition. But you need to live through the highs AND the lows before you can realistically determine if someone is worthy of appearing in your Instagram feed…or not. Glimpsing people's "flaws" might shatter a few romantic illusions. But those jagged edges are what create dynamic tension. Single Libras could enjoy the luscious liftoff of “new relationship energy.” Try not to get SO swept up in the serotonin surge that you screen out red flags. This is true for every kind of connection, from budding friendships to creative collaborations. People are multifaceted: Can you live with all of it? Coupled Libras may feel adrift during this Venus cycle, perhaps due to an unresolved issue you swept under the rug. Instead of stewing in resentment, head straight to couple's therapy—or your own private session if you know it's actually (cough) YOUR issue.        

On Friday, the Sun follows Venus into Virgo, sinking into the final, monthlong chapter of your annual solar year. With el Sol beaming into your twelfth house of endings until September 23, roll up your sleeves and lunge into your annual psychic-cleaning mission. When Libra season begins a month from now, you'll want to start with a blank slate. But that means hacking away at all the “clutter” that’s been holding you back. In order to boldly step into your new life, you have to release what you’ve outgrown. Have you been "sticking it out" with certain relationships due to a sense of duty or thinking they might change? Have you gotten wise to an inner saboteur who keeps messing things up just as you're about to reach a new high point? This kind of work isn't always possible to do on your own, so consider working with a therapist or an energy healer ( There’s no time like the present to start (or reignite) a daily meditation practice. Even ten minutes on your cushion each morning can radically shift the way you move through your days. Balance restored!
That said, don’t waste this weekend Marie Kondo-ing your shoe closet. Saturday sets you up for sweet escape, when cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars team up in Virgo and your twelfth house (AKA the fantasy suite of the zodiac wheel). Let your inner theater director take the helm and set the stage for a legendary date. (Lighting! Backdrops! Props!) Or transport yourself to a dreamy location—a day trip to the beach or a weekend at a gorgeous woodsy cabin, perhaps? You don’t need a partner or even a plus-one to maximize this cosmic combo; in fact, this could be the perfect time to steal away and work on your novel, recharge with spa treatments or release pent-up stress at a yoga retreat. Libra Oscar Wilde said it best, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

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