Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

12-16-2019 to 12-22-2019
Step away from the computer screen, report or spreadsheet, Archer! This Friday, December 20, fun-loving Venus exits Capricorn and your diligent second house and beams into Aquarius and your flirtatious third until January 13, 2020. If you’ve been wondering whether the best option for the next month is self-imposed hibernation, have another think! Once the cosmic coquette swings into this outgoing zone, you could have a radical change of heart. (AND your phone may be blowing up with irresistible invites!) So put the finishing touches on that presentation and get ready for a no-holds-barred weekend that will set the stage for your next three weeks. The third house rules hometown happenings, so no need to trek across town to get your fill of frivolity! Check out listings and talk to your friends who always know all the coolest events. This may be your chance to become a regular on the local trivia night or open mic scene. Get to know neighborhood venues, owners and servers; they may be your winter BFFs. Romantically, this Venus transit could bring a hot and heavy attraction, but you’ll need to decide whether you’re game for a no-strings fling or prefer to hold out for someone with permanent potential. Keep an open mind when you go out, and in between outings, download a new dating app. Couples will have more fun together focusing on the friendship aspect of the relationship than getting entrenched in heavy, where’s-this-going convos. All good things in good time. And until then, enjoy the festive season!
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Well, perhaps we spoke too soon. You may not entirely be logging out of work websites, not once the focused Sun takes Venus’ place in Capricorn and your industrious second house. If there are any loose ends to tie up before the holiday break, see what you can bang out this weekend, and then map out a tentative schedule for finishing up the rest. An hour here and there won’t be nearly as annoying as having to devote a whole vacation day to work. On the upside, while you’re reviewing professional obligations, do some advance thinking for your 2020 financial game plan. The clearer you can be about your big goals now, the quicker you can commit to initiatives that support them. AND you’ll know if you have the luxury of taking a pass on low-paying gigs, which can give you more free time in the new year. Remember, o’ free-spirited one: Belt-tightening doesn’t have to spell deprivation! Knowing you’re working toward a huge aspiration—and that you’re close—can fuel your determination. Organize a rotating weekend potluck dinner-party club; start a wine-tasting group or book club. You don’t HAVE to go out and drop piles of money to have fun and eat and drink like a pasha!
On Sunday, watch your temper AND your language. Tactful Venus is locked in a rare, twice-a-year tussle with rebellious Uranus in your nitpicking sixth house. This could leave you feeling a bit out of your element, which in turn could spark some critical or mean-spirited comments. Don’t go there! Instead, check in with whatever feelings are bubbling up. The silver lining is that you might tap into an old wound you didn’t realize was still provoking you. With this knowledge, you can avoid leaning too heavily on someone you care about and, instead, work it through with a qualified professional.

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