Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

03-30-2020 to 04-05-2020
Mantra of the week: I may be separate, but I am not alone. This Monday, March 30, energetic Mars bursts into Aquarius and your third house of communication and cooperation, intensifying your need for interactivity. While socializing might not be a contact sport, you can still find a way to be hands on while the red planet burns here until May 12. With the Sun in Aries, you’re already in your creative element. Now that Mars enters the frame, how about getting a virtual crafting day on the calendar? Gather up supplies and meet friends on a videochat. Whatever your metier—painting, knitting, macrame, sculpting—this approach to “tending and befriending” brings the double benefit of bringing more beauty into your life. Working with your hands is also proven to give your brain a chance to reset and relax, so once you nail a couple knots, for example, your macrame wall hanging will be its own meditation. If you’re not the crafty type, there are other ways to get your fix, like joining a virtual book club or hosting a movie night using Netflix Party, a Chrome browser extension that allows multiple subscribers to stream the same flick simultaneously and chat about it in a group thread. Could you teach a master class on one of your not-so-secret hobbies? This could become a potential source of income, Archer, even if you offer your services at a modest rate for now.

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You could get serious about a neighborhood initiative this Tuesday, when Mars catches up to heavyweight Saturn in your third house of local activity. What cooperative ventures could you spearhead to help stabilize the community? Perhaps the younger people on your block or in your building could “adopt” someone over the age of 60 and check in on them regularly, supporting with grocery runs or helping them pick up medication if need be. Even creating a private Facebook group and inviting neighbors to share any health status updates could make a world of difference. With Mars and Saturn meeting in your house of data and information, this conjunction might also spur you to get serious about blogging, writing or podcasting to share an important message.
On Friday, April 3 harmonizer Venus lands directly across from your sign in, parking in Gemini and your seventh house of partnerships until August 7—an extra-long phase due to an upcoming retrograde from May 13 to June 25. On the fence about love or another joint venture? In the days ahead, you’ll want to decide: Am I in or am I out? The adventure of a dynamic duo can only truly begin when you're fully engaged—BUT you also want to make sure you’re synced up with the right partner. With the right person by your side (or on the other end of a busy message thread), you’ll keep yourself busy and inspired for the coming four months. Archers who are happily hitched to a plus-one will enjoy finding new ways to blend your respective talents. A co-created project could provide more than a casual distraction. Tackle something challenging that plays to your strengths. Pro tip: Get the mission started and your roles defined BEFORE the May 13 retrograde when it will be harder to see eye to eye.
On Saturday, April 4 your ruler, fortuitous Jupiter, shines its high beams into Pluto’s secret vault as the planets meet up in Capricorn—their first exact union here since 1771! This conjunction happens twice more in 2020, on June 30 and November 12, and will activate your second house of financial foundations. On the one hand, this mashup may call for some belt-tightening as you cut excess spending from your budget. But don’t start slashing out of fear. An enterprising opportunity may open up for you in a place you hadn’t looked. (Or maybe you overlooked it because it was just too obvious.) Despite the global economy being in flux, you can still find a way to put food on the table, even if that demands you step up in a way you hadn’t expected to earlier this year.

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