Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

06-17-2019 to 06-23-2019
The annual full moon in your sign lights up the sky this Monday, June 17, and in a sense, it’s your personal cosmic New Year! Full moons represent completions and turning points, and because this one falls in your first house of self, identity and appearance, it’s a perfect opportunity to review what might be “over” in your life and what your next steps are. If you've been dimming your light out of fear or to let others shine, it's time to let it blaze and take your rightful place on the main stage. You may not realize that a hungry audience has been waiting to hear your message and see your stuff. Archers who’ve been working diligently in this department may be chomping at the bit to make their big reveal, and this will be your moment! Plan your social media campaign, refine your stump speech and hire a camera person. But if you’re not sure what your “coming out party” is celebrating, turn inward and do some soul-searching. Think about the professional and especially personal projects you've been working on since the NEW moon in Sagittarius last December 6. Since your sign rules freedom (among other things), you may feel a strong tug for more breathing space over the next two weeks. Don’t let anyone impose limits on you. This is your special hall pass to do you—to the max!
You may well be the free-spirited nomad of the zodiac, but starting this Friday, your top destination could be home sweet home! With ardent Neptune kicking off its annual five-month retrograde in Pisces and your domestic fourth house, you might feel happiest and coziest inside your own four walls. Even if you are traveling hither and yon this summer, you know how vital it is for your sanity to come back to a serene oasis to recoup and regroup. (And display the artisan treasures you collected on your travels.) Between then and November 27, Neptune's reversal can turn nest-feathering into a bit of an obsession. And you’re being invited to take this urge far beyond the cosmetic. You want to create a sacred space where you can meditate and tap into divine inspiration and guidance without feeling pulled in a dozen directions. On a pragmatic level, since Neptune and Pisces are connected to water, do a little “preemptive” plumbing check, and fix any leaks before they turn into a full-on flood.
Friday afternoon brings another reason to hunker down and hole up at base camp. In fact, as the magnetic Sun blazes into Cancer and your intimate, erotic eighth house, you’ll have four weeks of good excuses. Until July 22, you’ll be highly attuned to everything sensual, seductive and sizzling—and your emotions will be dialed way up to boot. Singles will meet plenty of eligible folks, and couples could hit a milestone moment in their partnership (which could make OR break it). But don’t use sexytime as a diversion from doing some deep soul work during this annual transit. Even optimistic you has a shadow side, and while you probably don’t dance with it much, it deserves some attention. Doing spiritual or metaphysical work now would be especially fruitful.

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