Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

04-15-2019 to 04-21-2019
First order of business for the week? Google yourself. Do the search results represent 2019 Sagittarius? With image-consultant Venus getting a dynamic jolt from your ruler, Jupiter (retrograde), in your sign this Monday, April 15, a little “rebranding” may be in order. Then, on Friday, the second full moon of 2019 will land in Libra, activating your eleventh house of community and technology just as it did a month ago, on March 20. Like it or not, having SOME sort of digital presence is essential for moving through the modern world. While you can choose your own social media adventure (Tumblr, Insta, Twitter or your own blog), learning to communicate effectively with a few snappy lines and some well-edited photos is, arguably, as important as cave drawing was to the ancients. 
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If you could tell your own story (and you can), where would you lead people? What message would you put out into the virtual world? Maybe it’s time to write a new bio, share links to your work, replace a few photos—or actually post some if you’re a little too incognito for your own good. Let this be a process though, Archer; you don’t have to figure it out overnight! Just get started. Play! If you run your own business, this could be your cue to take a digital marketing workshop (check out the offerings at places like or peruse books that help you refine your message like Donald Miller’s Building A Story Brand. With Venus in personable Pisces and Jupiter in Sagittarius, YOU may be the missing ingredient in the way you market yourself—and that includes your dating and social media profiles. You’re not trying to form a cult of personality, of course; but adding more of your personal flair and authentic voice to the mix is a trust-building strategy. What are your values? What do you stand for? While you may lose a few folks who don’t see eye to eye, you’re likely to gain many more genuine fans and followers in the process.
You may want to put more energy towards the visuals—and even set up an impromptu photo shoot—before the end of the week, as the Sun sets in Aries and your fifth house of fame and glamour. On Saturday, el Sol will shift into Taurus and your systematic sixth house and suddenly, complex ideas will become clear. How can you consciously simplify your life, especially your overloaded schedule? Taurus season always revs up your wellness goals, so leave space on the calendar for regular workouts and outdoor activity. While you’re busy cutting out the excess, you could run the risk of making everything a little TOO austere. Thankfully, two planets will pick up the Aries baton, ensuring that you don’t lose your creative edge. On Wednesday, messenger Mercury lands in the Ram’s realm until May 6. Then, on Saturday, Venus will cruise into Aries until May 15. Hello spring fever! That’s even more reason to clear away stress-fueling obligations and make space for Cupid, the muse and a rush of post-workout endorphins to flood in. And don’t think of exercise and healthy eating as something laborious that NEEDS to be done. See every effort, even the smallest of gestures, as expressions of self-love. It’s not just clean eating and cardio, but self-care, which includes rest, massage and other spa treatments. Make movement a non-negotiable daily item on your to-do list—even if it’s just a brisk twenty-minute walk. Download some fun apps to track your efforts, and watch the miles walked and calories burned add up! We’d never suggest you give up your beloved gourmet indulgences—just start replacing a FEW of them with fresh salads and raw juices and snacks.

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