Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

02-17-2020 to 02-23-2020
You’ve been on quite the mission since 2020 began, handling so many details, your head could spin! But it’s actually not, because you’re also feeling clear and more grounded than you have in a long time—thanks to your ruler, Jupiter, buckled up in Capricorn for most of 2020. Starting this Tuesday, February 18, your focus turns to home base. Are there some projects you want to tackle at Chez Archer? As the Sun beams in Pisces and activates your domestic quarters for four weeks, channel your organizational obsession to getting your spaces up to snuff.

Don’t start swinging hammers…yet! Mercury is retrograde until March 9, so if you haven’t gotten renovations or decorating plans underway, just let your eyes start wandering to all areas in need of a creative upgrade. Building shelving can open up space for a home office or workout room. And where could you hang mirrors to make smaller rooms look more massive? Lighting is fundamental, so think blackout curtains, dimmer switches and reading lamps. Pull ideas together on Pinterest and think about consulting an interiors expert before you make more permanent upgrades. Ready to pull up the stakes? Start checking out those Zillow alerts. Have all your paperwork ready, like tax returns and paystubs, so you're ready to leap in with an application after the retrograde. Of course, if a place screams, "Yes!" before then, you can’t let Mercury get in the way. But DO have it thoroughly inspected. Visit the area at different times of day or night to make sure it feels safe and quiet enough for your sleeping needs. No matter where you’re camped out, go out of your way to connect with your inner circle between now and March 19. The people who know you, see you and love you unconditionally are the ones you'll want near. A family member may need a little more support during Pisces Season, and your encouraging words can champion them through a rough patch.
Squeeze in some physical activity this Friday when energizer Mars gives frenetic Uranus some extra juice. The two planets are meeting up in a flowing trine, but that can be A LOT of energy to hold. Don’t let it get stuck inside you. Move it around! Get active with a night of dancing or some intense cardio. You're a fire sign, so maybe just sweat it out in a hot yoga class. While you’re resting in savasana, don’t be surprised if you start dreaming up ways to organize your finances and systematize your workflow. A weekend decluttering mission could be spawned on the dancefloor, but stranger things have happened.
Gather with your innermost circle during Sunday’s new moon in Pisces. But get ready: You may have to dole out some tough love—or tough advice—to someone in the group. Diplomatic Venus clashes with candid Jupiter, and it's essential that you raise some questions, particularly if you feel that people are embellishing the truth. While you may worry about killing the feelgood vibes, someone has to be the voice of reason. And if you see the flaw in someone's story or the unviability of a plan, consider it your heroic duty to save everyone from doom. That said, make sure you’re armed with facts before you fling any serious accusations. Although your intuition rarely steers you wrong, sometimes you CAN tumble down a rabbit hole of suspicion only to come up empty handed. Without tangible proof, YOUR credibility may come into question, and worse, that cunning deceiver could turn the tables on you!

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