Aquarius 2019 Yearly Horoscope

Curious what your 2019 horoscope has in store, Aquarius? You’re simultaneously craving adventures and anchoring this year. As your social circle widens, open your world up to nurturing and supportive people. The quieter types you might have once overlooked could turn out to be your new soul family.

Adapted from The AstroTwins’ 2019 Planetary Planner

New friendships and networking keep your world feeling fresh in 2019, as team spirit hits peak levels. Choose the company you keep carefully, as you’re especially empathic and will soak up people’s energy like a sponge. A spiritual or creative pursuit could turn into more than just a hobby, especially if you contribute your talents to a cause. Starting in March, you could search for a new home, invest in vacation property or feel a surprising urge to expand your family, possibly through pregnancy or adoption.


Soulmate connection? With 2019’s extreme cosmic activity in your twelfth house of fantasy and illusions, a dreamy figure could play a central role in your life. But is this person the real deal or a messenger revealing a part of yourself that needs healing? They could be both. It could take serious reflection—and quite a few plot twists—before you can really tell. You’ve been recalibrating your romantic radar since February 2017, when an eye- opening eclipse series shook up your axis of “me” and “we.” This January, the final installment, a total lunar eclipse, lands in your partnership house. For some Aquarians, a relationship could run its course—or it might go through one last test before evolving to a deeper and more authentic level.


With expansive Jupiter heating up your teamwork and tech house until December, the digital domain could be a prosperous playground. You might work remotely or develop an online venture. Get a cottage industry cooking when cyber-savvy Uranus enters your home sector for seven years in March. Investing in real estate or women-owned businesses could also pay off. Need an extra set of hands or an overall upgrade to Team Aquarius? July’s solar eclipse in your sixth house of employees could deliver a dream assistant or a savvy service provider who helps life run like a well-oiled machine.

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Healing is a huge theme this year as a plethora of planets sweep through Capricorn and your twelfth house of mind-body-soul wellbeing. Emotional and spiritual transformations gain traction as you shed outmoded layers and patterns. This can be a powerful time for deep forgiveness work or to break addictive and codependent patterns. A solar eclipse in your fitness sector on July 2 could help you kick off a clean eating or exercise program. Pay special attention to “gut health,” as the sixth house rules the digestive system.


Collaborate for the win! With expansive Jupiter in your friendship and group activity zone until December, your social life is a bright spot of 2019. Widen your social circle and RSVP “yes” to inspiring events where you can network, learn and commune with likeminded people. When unpredictable Uranus settles into your home and family sector for eight years this March, change could sweep through the most personal parts of your life. From a move to baby news to relatives in need, you’ll be catching a few fastballs from the universe. All the more reason to rely on the support of your inner circle. In 2019, it truly takes a village.

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