Gemini 2019 Yearly Horoscope

Curious what your 2019 horoscope has in store, Gemini? Dynamic duos could take flight this year, and your bonds could deepen to new levels of intimacy. Wise investments, both emotional and financial, could pay off by the end of the year.

Adapted from The AstroTwins’ 2019 Planetary Planner

As the sign of the Twins, partnership comes naturally to you. But this year, you’re learning important lessons about how to move from lust to trust. It’s not just about the “high” of quick chemistry, but building relationships that last for the long haul. That requires a level of risk that you’ll finally be ready to take in 2019. Clear the space for high-vibe new people to enter your orbit!


Relationships turn serious but get spiced with a dash of adventure. Expansive Jupiter brings its optimistic influence to your partnership sectors all year. You could be attracted to someone wildly different from your usual “type,” perhaps from another culture or a long-distance affair. This year also features two Libra full moons, which will infuse your passionate fifth house with a bonus double-dose of mojo. Some relationships will be tested; from renewed vows to epic proposals to new long-term prospects, this is a year that could bring marriages, breakups, pregnancies or major make-or-break moves.


Four of this year’s change-making eclipses will activate your financial axis, bringing everything from job offers to joint investments to real estate opportunities. Explore ways you can merge your talents and resources for mutual gain. Dynamic duos are a prevailing theme, and you could ink a life-changing contract or explore a joint venture with a powerful partner. Stern Saturn may serve up a few hard-won lessons around long-term finances, pushing you to get serious about paying off debt and making more conscious choices for spending, saving and earning.

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As within, so without! In 2018, your wellbeing was emphasized by Jupiter’s visit to your health sector. You may have cleaned up your diet, decluttered your life and started moving more. In 2019, healthy living is more of an inside job, as radical Uranus starts a long trek through Taurus and your twelfth house of holistic healing, closure and spirituality. As you lighten your psychic and energetic load, your natural radiance returns. Say buh-bye to toxic people, energy vampires and draining situations.


The cast of characters you call friends has been shifting over the past couple years, as eclipses in Leo and Aquarius brought fascinating folks into your orbit and helped you form a like-minded community. A final eclipse here in January could connect you to a few new kindred spirits, as will Uranus’ final two months in Aries and your group activity zone, a transit that ends March 6. With the planets demanding balanced give-and-take from your relationships in 2019, you might do one more “edit” to your contact list. You don’t have time to be anyone’s unpaid therapist, audience or sounding board. Surround yourself with people who are generous and open-hearted, but who will also hold you accountable instead of just telling you what you want to hear. (In other words, the definition of a true friend!)

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