Leo 2017 Horoscope: Your Astrology Forecast

Your Leo 2017 horoscope: What’s ahead for your Sun sign?

Adapted from The AstroTwins’ 2017 Planetary Planner

What’s the big idea, Leo? Well, you’ve got several of them, actually. And it’s time to share! This year’s starmap hands you the proverbial microphone, prompting you to put your message out to the masses. With bountiful Jupiter in Libra and your communication house until October, writing, speaking, teaching, and media could be hotspots for you. After a hardworking 2016, you’ll enjoy more variety, as Jupiter activates new friendships, social connections and community involvement. With serious Saturn in Sagittarius and your self-expressed fifth house, a creative project with your unique stamp on it could earn prestige. Romance could also get serious.

This year’s Jupiter transit helps you connect to your audience and seek out kindred spirits. Raise your voice and share your unique ideas with the world, both in real-time forums and through social media or digital channels. The third house rules the media, so seek out colorful outlets for connecting with like-minded people, both for business and personal pursuits.

The headline news of 2017, though, are the two game-changing eclipses that will land in Leo, a phenomenon that only happens every nine years or so. Eclipses sweep away all that no longer serves us and ushers in a radical new chapter. Get ready for bold new solo-star opportunities in February and August, when the year’s two Leo eclipses prod you into the spotlight (willingly, in many cases—you are a Leo!). You could radically revamp everything from your style and appearance to your attitude. A fresh outlook, a grand debut or new experiences might be just what the cosmos ordered.

But wait..there’s more! While most years, you only get one new moon in your sign, 2017 brings TWO. The universe is rolling out the red carpet for you, Leo, helping you launch a big solo production, reinvent yourself or blaze a brand-new trail.

The headline news of 2017 are the two game-changing eclipses that will land in Leo.

On October 10, Jupiter will begin a new 13-month cycle in Scorpio and your fourth house of home, family and female relatives. You’ll find yourself craving nights in at Chateau Leo and quality time with your clan. Pull out your consummate hosting skills, along with your best plates, and host movie nights, salons, dinner parties and holidays. Make like fellow Leo Martha Stewart and stock up on some “good things” for entertaining. A pregnancy, adoption or new addition to the family is possible.

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This year’s vibe is more friendly than frisky, as expansive Jupiter cruises through Libra and your social third house. Focus on cultivating a tribe based on mutual interests, hobbies and intellectual curiosity. You never know when a meeting of the minds could also lead to a joining of the hearts! On top of that, cautious Saturn is in Sagittarius and your romance house, putting a little damper on your mojo until December, or making you think twice before leaping into a starry-eyed infatuation. A new Leo/Aquarius eclipse series, which will last until 2019, is reshuffling the balance between “me” and “we” and shifting what you want from a relationship. A committed partnership could reach a turning point at the early August eclipse. Are you in or out, Leo?


Mingle for your jingle! Outspoken Jupiter is in your outgoing and expressive third house until October, a great time for collaborating and brainstorming with kindred spirits. Writing, public speaking and teaching are all favored; you could also take classes to ramp up your skills. Itching to go indie? Dip a toe in these experimental waters. Test-market your idea with a pop-up shop or trunk shows, or start with a “small batch” approach sold online. Meantime, a new eclipse series on the Leo/Aquarius spectrum could bring exciting partnerships AND successful solo endeavors.


Team steam! Combining fitness with socializing doubles your fun and ramps up your results. Gather a small crew for affordable group training sessions, play mixed doubles or other one-on-one sports. In December, stern Saturn enters your health sector until 2020, sounding the call for self-care and pushing you to prioritize fitness. Stress is linked to almost every ailment, so be proactive and cut it out of your life wherever you can. Even you, mighty Lion, have your limits—so honor them!


Expansive Jupiter is in your third house of local affairs until October, enlivening the energy in your own backyard. Explore culture in your ‘hood or get busy organizing some yourself. Friendships could go through a growth phase, or you could meet people who are more in sync with your intellect and interests now. In October, Jupiter enters your domestic fourth house, putting home and family matters on the front burner. A move is possible this year, or you could find a “second city” and put down roots there.

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