Season 1

The Astrology of Every Episode of Cosmic Love

The astrology of every episode of Season 1 of the Amazon Prime series, Cosmic Love, the first-ever astrology reality dating show.

Every episode of Cosmic Love features an aspect of astrology. Whether you’re new to astrology or you’re experienced, you’ll appreciate learning what each episode focused on while The AstroTwins matched the Elements to the cast of Singles.

The astrology of every episode of Cosmic Love

Episode 1: Sun Signs

Episode 1: “Astrologically Matched” introduces the Sun signs (zodiac signs) and the 4 elements of astrology.

The Sun is the core of your astrological profile. It’s the essence of who you are, your personality. It’s how you radiate in the world and how other people see you.

Each Sun sign belongs to one of the 4 elements:

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

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Episode 2: The Big 3

In Episode 2: “Must Be a Full Moon” the focus is on the Big 3 in astrology: your Sun, moon and rising sign

Sun signs

Sun signs reveal your personality (the focus of Episode 1)

Moon signs

Moon signs are reveal your emotions and moods, what’s happening “under the surface.”

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Rising signs

Rising signs are what you present/how you present yourself to others.

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Episode 3: Moon signs and Mercury retrograde

In Episode 3: “Mercury is Totes in Retrograde” the astrology focus is on the magic of Moon sign matchmaking.

The topic of Mercury retrograde also comes up as the planet of communication was in a backspin during the filming of this episode.

Moon signs

The moon governs your emotions and feelings, bonding and nurturing. It’s “all the stuff” that makes a relationship last. You may be able to work around personality differences but your moon sign is really “the glue.” (See Episode 2, above, for the moon sign calculator)

Mercury retrograde

Communication can go haywire when Mercury takes a backspin several times a year. If you’ve ever sent a text to the wrong person or felt tempted to reach out to an ex, chances are good Mercury was in retrograde! Learn more about Mercury retrograde here.

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Episode 4: Mercury signs

In Episode 4: “A Tale of Two Chris’s” the astrology focus is on Mercury signs and communication styles.

Communication is the foundation of any relationship. Knowing your Mercury signs can help you tweak how to speak to each other. Your Mercury sign is often one sign away from your Sun sign.

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Episode 5: Venus and Mars signs and Saturn Return

In Episode 5: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” the astrology focus is on Venus and Mars signs, mapping the “love planets”

The topic of Saturn Return is also explored in Episode 5.

Venus signs

Venus is the seductive planet, the date planner, and what gets you in the mood.

Find your Venus sign with the Cosmic Calculator below and learn all about what your Venus sign means here.

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Mars signs

Mars kicks in when you’re in the mood. Think: this is how I like it, this is how I want it.

Find your Mars sign with the Cosmic Calculator below and then read all about what your Mars sign means here.

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Saturn return

You experience a Saturn Return when the Sun returns to the sign in which you were born. The “planet of adulting” makes its first return when you’re about 29 years old, the time in which a lot of people move into a new stage of their lives, grapple with identity, want to settle down, etc. Several of the Cosmic Love cast members were in their Saturn Return during filming.

Are you in your Saturn Return? Use the Cosmic Calculator below to find out and read about Saturn Return: Your Cosmic Rite of Passage here.

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Episode 6: North and South Nodes

In Episode 6: “Scorpio Season” the astrology focus is on North and South Nodes, also called the Lunar nodes.

The South Node indicates who/what you were in your past lifetimes.

The North Node indicates what you came here to learn.

Find your Nodes using the Cosmic Calculator below and learn more about the nodes here.

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Episode 7: The Secret of Distance (the 7 angles or aspects of astrology)

In Episode 7: “Proposals of Astronomical Proportions” the astrology focus is on the 7 angles of astrology. This is the distance between Sun signs and what it means for compatibility.

Seven main distances, or “angles” determine whether a match will be easy, flowing and smooth or one that has its challenges.

You can also learn where you click and where you clash using our love matcher.

Episode 8: Composite Charts

In Episode 8: “Charting a Future Together” the astrology focus is the “sign” of a relationship. Some people are surprised to learn that their relationship has a Sun sign. It is determined by combining your charts to create a third chart called a Composite chart.

A Composite chart reveals your “relationship personality.”

Read all about Composite charts here.

Episode 9: Family and in-law astrology tips

In Episode 9: “A Cosmic Guide to Meeting Your In-Laws” the astrology focus is on using astrology to learn about others (like family members or future family members).

You can decode family by learning about their element and their moon sign, because moon signs are about emotions. Their moon sign can help you know how to interact with them and how to get along.

Episode 10: Wedding astrology

In Episode 10: “Love in the Stars” the focus is on using astrology for wedding planning and highlighting the marriage aspect of Composite charts.

Don’t fire the wedding planner! But astrology is a helpful tool for helping you plan your big day. See our Wedding horoscopes by zodiac sign.