Pisces 2019 Yearly Horoscope

Curious what your 2019 horoscope has in store, Pisces? You could rise through the ranks and step into a leadership role, much to your own surprise. You could team up with inspiring friends and turn a cutting-edge idea into a fulfilling creative project. Could this become a new business venture? Quite possibly!

Adapted from The AstroTwins’ 2019 Planetary Planner

Your default setting may not be #boss mode, but in 2019, you’ll find the adventure in ambition! That doesn’t have to mean power suits and boring board meetings (although there may be a few of those in your future). As a Pisces, you know how to create success with your signature stamp on it…and a heaping helping of compassion. Look forward to improved health and energy levels this year—and dynamic new friendships that inspire you to see the world through a new wide-angle lens.


Friendship is the basis for any lasting relationship, and with so many planets in your platonic eleventh house, love takes a lighthearted leap. Couples will bond by socializing and entertaining as a duo. Single Pisces could find their match through mutual connections or online. But don’t worry, you’ll have a few peak moments to satisfy your inner romance-a- holic. March and April bring a rare double-header of full moons in Libra and your intimate, erotic eighth house. And in July, a Cancer solar eclipse beams into your passionate fifth house, sparking up a surprise summer love affair, magnifying mojo or even heralding a pregnancy.


You’re in it to win it! This could be your luckiest professional year in over a decade, as expansive Jupiter soars through your ambitious tenth house. What’ll it be, Pisces: A new career path, a job with travel or relocation or a promotion to a powerful leadership role? A plethora of planets in your tech sector could bring work with a startup or a gig that taps your humanitarian leanings. With destabilizing Uranus making a permanent exit (whew!) from your money sector after eight unpredictable years, funds should start to stabilize. But healing Chiron starts its own eight-year voyage through your financial house in February, so prepare to peel back a few emotional layers related to scarcity, security and self-esteem. It’s time to unblock your abundance, Pisces, and to step into a true sense of deserving.

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The last two years have had their share of “health adventures” for many Pisces. These ups and downs came courtesy of a two-year eclipse series across your wellness axis that began back in February 2017. In January, a final lunar eclipse lands in Leo and your salubrious sixth house, helping you get the answers, treatment or exercise-and-nutrition plan you’ve been waiting for. Even if you’re in great shape with a clean bill of health, you might be inspired to go to the next level. And with adventurous Jupiter in your disciplined tenth house, you could be the surprising star of sunrise boot camp or the unlikely fitness fanatic crushing it at CrossFit. Working with a trainer or coach can yield life-changing results.


Your social life is getting a massive makeover, as three planets and a trio of eclipses sweep through your friendship sector. You could end the year with a completely revamped contact list—and some impressive names on the roster to boot. Family might be a source of instability with unpredictable Uranus throwing curveballs into your domestic sector. Your relationship with your mother, a child or a female relative may be especially challenging as one or both of you strives for greater independence. Authenticity (with a heaping helping of kindness) will get you through any growing pains.

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